**DD Style** Snow Woman and Man

**DD Style** Snow Girl
White as the snow and red as the fire of a fireplace that keeps us warm in this cold winter, here's for you **Snow Girl** , a beautiful winter outfit made by the expert hands of the stylist Dadina Dosei. It consists of a long-white sweater with sculpted collar and sleeves, gloves in wool, leather belt and necklace in pearls dominated by the red color. To complete the outfit MoonBoots in red and white wool for a winter in full style by DD style.

**DD Style** Snow Man
Perfect for keeping you warm in this cold winter, here's for you ** Snow Man **, a beautiful winter outfit from DD Style , it consists of a white wool sweater with sculpted sleeves and collar, scarf and gloves in red wool, leather pants in red, belt and red and white Moonboot. For a winter always in style with DD Style.

Models: Angels Milena - wengo Pizzicato
Photo by Angels Milena


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