!VA! New releases

Vanity Hair offer us some new and amazing creations for this spring that preannunce a lot's of great news.

!VA! Spring Flame: this hair are really characteristic for their shape. You will feel the warm spring wind inside them. All sculpted, you will find them in different colors and they are all amazing. You also have the choise to decorate them with some little flowers that follow the hair shape. You can easily much them with all type of spring dresses ;)

!VA! Night Coffee: look as an African woman with this gorgeous hair. Try to be different and make an original style,dare to be unique and fantastic, this is the main goal of Vanity Hair and Coffee is what you are searching for to be so fantastic and unique. Don't miss them.

!VA! Working Monday: This is the lastest creation of Vanity Hair. A simple style for a girl that wants to be elegant and always straight. Both flexy and sculpty, *Working Monday* will fit with all kind of dresses, from the casual to the most formal. You will find this hair also in a special color for a limited time in !VA! mainstore at only 1L$. So what you are waiting for? Run!! ;)


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