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Unique store is recently creating severals skin dedicate to the Dolls Collection and I must say that they really deserve a closest attention.
A few weeks ago I showed their recent creation in the Dolls Collection, Julie, and now it's time to make a post to the newborn "doll" skin: Suzie.

This is the perfect skin for those who prefer fairy or pale skin and blonde hairbase.This skin line is really particular especially on the face: infact the main characteristic in the Dolls Collection is the face which is very sweet and harmonious in the form and extremely detailed as the most beautiful doll.

The skin have also feckless and a makeup set with soft colors that fit perfectly to this pale tone of skin.
The Unique lovers already know that inside the fullpack you will find a set made of 12 differents makeup with many variations including the possibility to wear it with or without hairbase or clavage.

But the news are not finish! The innovations regarding this new skin line is also focalized in the new 4 skins with openlips.
They are really natural and you can wear it for a photoshoot or if you want to feel a little bit more sexy in everyday life.
You will find them, as I say before, really natural and with a great expression. No more bunny teeth or hours spending in photoshop for the same effect!

And if you want to wear it but with brown eyebrows, well, now you can.
Inside the pack you will find an SL 2.0 layer, this is a great idea for those who loves Suzie skin but aren't blonde addicted.
What else can I say, you cannot miss this great skin, I think that every girl need one in her inventory 'cause it's a wondefrul collection that deserve to be always with you.
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