Closing sale of [69]

This is the sad news I got this morning from the [69] owner :((

"I would like to make a little announcement today.

I am terribly sorry to announce this. "SIXTY NINE" is going to close as of October 20th, 2011.

From October 1st until 20th, all items will be discounted.

For those who paid group members, all items are 99L$. *** Please activate " Sixty Nine " group tag and You pay 150L$, and the system will pay back to you 51L$.

For non-group members, all items are 150L$.
All items will be discontinued after I close my shop.

If you have problem with items you purchased, still you can contact me, Kumii Yoshikawa to get support.

Send me a notecard if you need support.


Thank you so much for supporting SIXTY NINE for the past 4 years.

Without all of your support and love, it could not been this long.

I can't thank all enough - I can't express how grateful I am. "SIXTY NINE" will close its door soon, though I will look forward to see you all again someday, in some another way.

I will send group notice when it comes.
I am going to try hard to make much better products until then.

Best regards, Kumii <333"

I'm so so so sad since the [69] hair store was one of my favourites!
I hope that they will come back soon with other amazing stuff.
For now, enjoy the sale and catch them before they gone!


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