I do gladly accept review copies from designers.
If you are interested feel free to contact me, drop me a folder of the outfit or items you would like to see as mine review and don't forget to put the lm inside. I will send you the link with the review when I have it done.

☆ Info about my sponsor and people who want to work with me ☆

Just a few rules:
1.: If you know me and decided to work with me, even if you're a sponsor or not, you have to know and consider that I'm not that kind of person that ask for dress every new releases. This is not in my habits. I prefere to get a dress or items by yourself without asking before ( off course if you like what I did before for you ). So, if you don't hear me for a long time, if you don't see one of your items blogged for months is not 'cause I don't have the pleasure in doing it, but 'cause I will really appreciate that you designer send me your creations by your own initiative.

2.: When I see that a sponsor is not collaborating with me anymore ( so if she/he stop sending his/her items to me for a several period ) , I will send an IM to the owner of the brand and ask him/her if he/she still wants to work with me. I just want to clarify the position of all the sponsor so that I can act accordingly.

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