SLink - Mikaela Shoes

Ok, I'm a shoes addicted, I know. Yesterday I found this amazing pair of bare shoes and I fall in love with them.
They come from SLink shop, a great store where you can find all type of shoes and also dresses.
Mikaela shoes comes with the SecondLife V.02 Alpha Layer and a HUD

The Omni HUD is very easy and simple in is style but you can do everything for your shoes. In fact on the main Tab you can find:
A larger colour picker and brightness bar for easy colour matching
4 skin textures to use as a base to tint against.
A set of colour tint presets to start the tinting process.
5 places to save favourite tints.
A large resizer scale.
An RGB button that will chat the current RGB value of your feet.
A help button.
A set of 15 natural (French) nails and a set of 15 polish nails.
Toggle buttons to turn invisiprims on and off.
Buttons to choose metal textures for any metallics on the product (zipper tabs, beads, anklets, etc)
Toggle buttons to turn stockings on and off.
Toggle buttons to turn socks on and off
Toggle buttons to turn Closed toe shoes on and off.
Toggle buttons to turn fullbright options on and off.

There's also another little HUD that allow you to choose your favourite gems color so you can easily match them with the outfit you're wearing. Great Job!!


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