*Stiletto Moody* New releases

Ok, the first thing I was able to say when I saw those pair of new Stiletto Moody BARE shoes was "omg I need them!".
The spring is come and Stiletto made for us another amazing creations!
The ones that I'm showing you today are BARE Fay and a little variation of the already knowed BARE Robin:
BARE Fay is an amazing sandal with a creative style and colors, in fact you will find them with a huge kind of color and combinations, as the kaleidoscope , Pyton, Zebra and the Camo ones.
As Stiletto Moody says: "Slither & slide or just go for a ride, make them squirm with envy in these architectural python or zebra beauties"

And here we are with the new selection of the BARE Robin ankle shoes:
the first version was really amazing, but the new ones will let you speachless.
Stiletto made them with a new color and style line, really fantasious and fab. You will find them in Zebra, Kaleidoscope ( the one in the pic ), Tiger and Python. Off course all this kind of style has different colors to choose. Ok, now... I really need to go there and buy them.. do you want to come with me? ;)


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