Today I would like to show you an amazing and super fashion brand that I love sooo much! Son!a makes a gorgeous gown from the fantasy to the classic ones and they are so well detailed and really uniques!
I was having a look in Son!a mainstore and my eyes fell upon these two beautiful dresses: Waterfall and Nymph!

I know they aren't classical dresses. They are for special occasions, maybe a theme party or something like that but when you dress them.. gosh, you will never take them off!

I was speachless for the details that enrich these dresses , they are simply amazing and they give to them an amazing surprise and also a WOW effect.
I think that both fall into the category of my favourite dresses of the year!
I really suggest you to visit
Son!a mainstore, you will find everything you need: from casual, to elegant and also a set of hairstyle to die for!
Be unique and elegant!!!

Visit Son!a !


  1. Stunning photos!! You capture the beauty of the gown perfectly!! I added you to my blogroll was hoping you could do the same?

    I also added myself as a follower.
    Jennifer Corbeau

  2. Sure, it will be a pleasure!!! Ty so much Jen


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