A bounch of delicious stuff

Yes, today I would like to make a huge post full of amazing new releases.

Firts of all I introduce the new Eyelashes set from Chaisuki. You know that I really love Chaisuki's work, the skin are amazing and original and now.. a new set of eyelashes is done and it's simply fab!
20 new eyelashes style and 4 tattoo eyelashes that you will die for!
I'm showing you my favourites ones.
They suits perfectly for a glam chic style and also for an everyday style!
I know that I will always use them in my modeling shows!

Then... since many of you asked me where my eyes comes from.. I decided to dedicate a little space to them!
All my eyes comes from Unique Megastore, I always used them since I was a noob and I've never found more realistic ones in all my SL!
I so love them: the vibrant colors, shadows, lights, details.. all this stuff make them so realistic!
I'm showing you, witht the Chaisuki Eyelashes, my favourites from the Expressive Big Eyes, Sensitive and Natural eyes collection!

The news are not finished!!!!
Many of you knows about the CHIC Limited store started the 15th of January and run until the 29th! Each month a new theme will be presented and designers will change.
Inside this little store you will find some exclusive collection made by the best designer of SL.
This Amara outfit from -Glam Affair- is one of them and I love it!
Sexy, avantgarde and stylish.. this outfit is incredible and I think that you cannot miss it!

At last but not least , the new Donna Flora jewelry set: Elisa!
Ok, this is another masterpiece from Squinternet, isn't it?!
I really love the square shape of the stones and this set includes two rings and a hud so you're able to choose your favourite color of your Elisa Set!


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