Fellini Couture - Precious Stone

Ok, first of all before introducing the new amazing dress from Fellini Couture I would like to wish you an Happy new yearrr!!!!
I hope this will be an amazing 2011 but I'm sure it is!
We have a lot's of new releases and amazing news that I would like to share with you one by one during this weeks and I hope you'll enjoy them.

Today I would like to share the new gown from Fellini Couture : Precious Stone!

Ok, only one word to describe this dress.... FABULOUS!

I'm a Fellini Couture addicted, we all know that, but this gown is simply special!

I so love the hairpiece made with flowers and feathers and I love the pink and black colors 'cause they both are sexy and elegant and mixed together are... WOW, so special!

The lace and the satin textures give a refine touch to this dress and the sculpted silver belt is really elegant embroided with gems.

When you will wear this dress, you will be recognazible as a piece of precious stone and people will adore you! You will shine for sure inside this dress!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Fellini Couture and grab yours Precious Stone dress.


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