Vanity Hair - Miss Philipines hair

I think I've been too quite for a long time!

I'm so busy in this days with my RL that I'm spending few time for my dearest blog, I apologise for that!

But.... I've an amazing news for you!
Vanity Hair released the amazing hair worn by MVW Miss Philipines 2011 Fuzz and they are simply stunning!
You know that I love all the Vanity Hair creations, but this is really gorgeous.

I so love the armonic shape of this hair, the fact that half face is covered is sexy but elegant ( and you know how much I love sexy and elegant mixed together!)

In this period I'm more close to the "brown" haircolor so I'm showing the "soil" tone instead the black one I always worn in my posts for Vanity Hair and , as you can see, is so fab.

I thing you might have to visit Vanity Hair mainstore!


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