Chaisuki - Paris

Yes, Chaisuki has a new and fab release: Paris!
All the Chaisuki skin are uniques and soft and you can find them into different skin tones.
Paris is really cute, the face is lovely , sexy lips and a full pack that you will die for.

Infact Paris comes with:

- 6 skintones
- 18 make-ups ( I'm showing my preferites ones)
- 5 hairbases
- 5 eyebrow colors
- 18 lipsticks
- alternative breasts
- optional tan-line
- optional pubic hair
- special layers (face diamonds, bloody face, blush, eyeliner, beauty mark, opened lips,...)

I have to say that all the make ups are soooo cute, with vibrant colors and you also have the opportunity to match the lipstick with your favourite eyeshadow color ;)

The ope lips is sooo amazing! This is a different interpretation of it 'cause it appear a little bit opened and the result is a realistic and sexy opened mouth.
You can use this layer also in other skin and it will match perfectly ;)

An interesting thing Chaisuki added into her fatpack are the tons of tattoo layer that you can play with.
The most impressive one is the "bloody" set that you can see in the pic above.
They are perfect for a "mystical" night or a gothik style and you can choose into 4 different ways.

And is not finished!!! You will find also some ornamental layers (always in tattoo layer version so I really suggest you to use the SL 2.0 viewer ) that are amazing!
I remind you that you can use them also above other skins and they will fit great so it's also a great opportunity to keep in your inventory a bounch of make ups tattoo layers to play with :)
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