LionSkins - Lea

Is time for a skin reviewww!!! :D
LionSkins has an incredible and stunning new skinline that I would like to show you in this post.
Lea is soooo sexy! I really love the new LionSkins creations, they are so realistic and with a great taste of details.

In this period I'm more close to the "realistic" skin instead the "flat and dolly" ones.
When I first saw this skin I was speachless!
If you look the details you will see pores, freckless and also painted teeth that are sooo realistic and not in a "bunny" way.
I love the lips, gosh they are so sexy!

The Lea skin comes with three different skin tones ( pale, sun and sunkiss ) and three different colors of eyebrows ( black, blonde and red ).
The make up is soft and gorgeous, you will love it!
You can match them with the !VA! hair , which has a huge selection of hair inspired but the LionSkins line :)
If you would like to have a realistic style, with a bounch of details.. If you want that everybody turns their head when you across the road.. then LionSkins is for you!
Just visit LionSkins mainstore and grab your favourite one ♥


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