[LeLutka] New releases

Time for new releases also in LeLutka store! After the beautiful renovation of the sim, now the LeLutka team enjoy us with a bounch of amazing new creations!
One of them is the [LeLutka]-REA poncho that I choose in the polar version!
It's a fully sculpted poncho with an animation that doesn't conflict with your AO and make that your arms cannot move freely outside the poncho ( that would be a little bit ugly ) so I can say that is the best sculpted upper prim ever and it fit very well.

Another amazing release, but in the hair section, is the [LeLutka]-SWIFT 3 !
Flexy and sculpted, the Swift hair are really cute and sexy as well.
You will find also other releases in the hair section, this is only one between a bouch of incredible new stuff!

At last, but not at last, the amazing new skin line called "AVA" that you will die for.
I really love this set and most of all the makeup set that is really incredible! From the classy to the underground one, you can choose your favourite and then play with the huge selection of lipstick tattoo layers ;)
Inside the full pack you will also find some hair specially created for this set!
Simply stunning!
Visit LeLutka and grab your favourite lastest release! You will not regret it!


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