Angel Dessous

Spring is coming soon and Angel Dessous has just released an amazing collection dedicated to this so desired season.

I would like to show you three of my favourites dresses from this spring collection: Melanie, Ananya and Blossom!

I've to say that I so love the colors of this new collection: soft, well done mixed, thay reproduce perfectly the idea of the good weather , the colors of the new growing flowers and so all the fabulous things of spring!

Melanie is so lovely, the colors are vibrant and the flower theme of the texture is simply perfect!

Ananya is a gorgeous dress, I'm showing you the peacock color which is absolutely amazing: green, gold and turquoise mixed together creating this masterpiece of dress!

is a lovely and cute outfit, the pink color I choose is adorable and the poofy sleeves makes it so cutieeee!!!

I really suggest you to visit Angel Dessous mainstore and don't miss the other creations that are waiting for you for this uncoming season!


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