After the BDSM Collection, LeeZu comes back with some new releases!

NOiR Papillon De Nuit
, Arabesque Blouse, Araplain Blouse and the Glitter Pants are the new and fres creations from LeeZu!

If you want to start this spring season with a great style than the Araplain and Arabesque jackets are amazing and perfect for you!
Both jackets are sculpted and with a great choise of textures.

You can mix them with the
Glitter Pants: I so love them, with a high waist and an amazing texture, you can use them to mix and match your favourite spring outfit!

NOiR Papillon De Nuit is so sexy and elegant but also really original!
The skirt in black feathers is lovely and make this dress poofy and lovely!
I so love this new release from LeeZu and you cannot miss them!

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