I've always considered Son!a's dresses jewels of high class and full of fantasy!
Her lastest creations are indeed shocking!

Today I'm going to show you 4 new dresses , two of them introduced in the final of the Miss America Latina contest.

Every dress abounds in refinements and accessories, unique details, several elements mixed creating an amazing collection of dresses.

I so love the choice of the colors, they are always vibrant! I was speachless when I saw the fantasy and the details of the Candle gown, the skirt is simply outstanding with those candels, roses, pieces of lace, and leafs!
And what about the two dresses made for the MAMLA contest? I really love the idea of the peacock feathers for the Miss Costa Rica dress and the mairmaid theme for the Miss Ecuador one!

In Son!a mainstore you will find all kind of dresses but also accessories such hair and other stuff and an entire section dedicated to the bridal gowns , the most beautiful collection I've ever seen!

I really suggest you to visit the Son!a mainstore.


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