Baiastice - Camilla shoes

I've already told you that I'm a shoes addicted?? well.. yes, I'm definetly one of them!
Baiastice released a new and amazing shoes line, Camilla.
I love them at the first sight 'cause they are cute, elegant, and so imaginative!
You will find Camilla shoes in a tons of differents colors and each of them are simply gorgeous, the vibrant colors are perfect for this summer.
I really love the heel of this shoes, I think it's one of my favourites: in fact the shape is so original and follows the fashion trend of this year and is embellished with buttons, diamonds and various accessories that make it unique.

I know, I know, you fall in love with them too!
Where you can find them? off course in Baiastice Manistore! Run and take it!


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