Donna Flora

Donna Flora has recently released some gorgeous dress and jewels!
BALA is a sexy, elegant and cute dress, avaiable in two colors ( tan and orange ) for the woman who's classy inside.
The sculpted ruffles give to this dress an elegant movement and the skirt with flower decoration make this dress so unique and fab!
I decide to match it with the ADELE jewel set in pink coral.

When I saw this amazing set I was speachless! The vibrant color of this gems, the realistic textures, the fab shape and ornaments of this jewels will enchant you!
I have to say it, I've never see a set of jewels more realistic than the Donna Flora ones!
This amazing ADELE set will be released soon, and I think that you cannot miss it!
And another set is coming out soon: ALAIR

Flowers, pearls and diamonds.. the perfect mix for a perfect jewel!
Isn't it fab?!
Keep your eyes open and have a look in the amazing Donna Flora mainstore.


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