I would like to say a big WELCOME to this new and amazing brand: ESTRAVAGANZA.
Estravaganza is a brand born by the hand of Traveller Bade, already known as the owner of one of the best brand for men "Sartoria Italiana", and his wife (and one of my dearest friend) Estrelia Guisse.
I had the honor to see a preview some months ago of some of their creations and the first thing I thought was that this collection will be amazing, and I was right!
Last saturday Estravaganza has open the door to the public and showed the amazing collection!From casual to elegant, all the outfits are perfect in all their parts. I was speachless when I saw the details and the perfection of the textures and prims.
Another great idea is that all the outfits have the name of a famous song from all the times.
Denim more than words ( 1st pic ) is a sexy denim suit that you can wear with a casual and really defined shirt or just in the sexy denim version. Inside the folder you will find all the layers you need for create your own look.

Romeo&Juliet is an elegant and really gorgeous dress, available in different colors. The body in lace is really amazing and the gown is sexy but extremely elegant at the same time.
All I can suggest you is to visit their mainstore and take a look to this fantastic new brand. You will not regret it!


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