Time for new a release also for Maitreya: skirts, short trench jackets and summery tops in tons of colors!!
This short trench is so cute and it's available in 12 colors. All the sculpted prim can be resized with a deletable script and they are also copy/mody.
The sculpty skirt, Viento, is available in 10 colors in satin and another 8 colors of a patterned fabric and they are all amazing!
Inside the folder you will find two types of skirt, with and w/o belt. The sculpty belt can change into 10 color and, as the trench, all the sculpty parts are resizable and mod/cop.
I mix my trench and skirt with the "Maitreya Neyya * Toe-cap" in Powder Pink for a final touch to my sexy and elegant look.
You can find the new releases at the entrance and towards the middle of the clothes section and don't forget to have a look also in the Maitreya Gold section , the new Aequus shoes is waiting for you!


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