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After the BDSM Collection, LeeZu comes back with some new releases!

NOiR Papillon De Nuit
, Arabesque Blouse, Araplain Blouse and the Glitter Pants are the new and fres creations from LeeZu!

If you want to start this spring season with a great style than the Araplain and Arabesque jackets are amazing and perfect for you!
Both jackets are sculpted and with a great choise of textures.

You can mix them with the
Glitter Pants: I so love them, with a high waist and an amazing texture, you can use them to mix and match your favourite spring outfit!

NOiR Papillon De Nuit is so sexy and elegant but also really original!
The skirt in black feathers is lovely and make this dress poofy and lovely!
I so love this new release from LeeZu and you cannot miss them!

Visit LeeZu! mainstore

My Precious - new releases

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And yes, time for a new collection also in My Precious store!

Today I would like to show you the lastest releases from this amazing and extremely elegant store!

and Silence are both my favourites dress from the lastest collection.
Why? because I always loved the poofy and big dress!

Since when I was a little girl I always dreamed to wear a dress like this, with an empire and big gown that makes me feel as a real princess, and Moment and Silence are what I was always dreaming for!

is a soft, pink and delicated dress.
The poofy skirt is embellished with pink roses and petals and the lace gown make an amazing movement!

is more sophysticated: the silk and lace mixed together creating an elegant and austere dress.

I've choose to wear the Mystery hair , also available in My Precious store, and they fit so well on it!!!

Visit My Precious Mainstore and grab your favourite dreaming dress!!
You will not regret it!

Fellini Couture - Blue Bird

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A new fresh, elegant and adorable release from Fellini Couture: Blue Bird!

I'm in love with this dress, the colors are amazing and the design is outstanding!

The entire spring collection from Fellini Couture is breathless but this Blue Bird dress has all my attention because it really deserve it!

The long train skirt is a mix of various fabric : from the feathers to the decorated silk you will enchant everyone with this sontuous gown!

I have to say that I always loved the accessories that Joy Fellini puts inside her dresses, this one is amazing: a big blue bird on the hat, holding a branch with dozen flowers and diamonds! Isn't that incredible???

All the details , from the little one to the more sophisticated one are incredibly well done and you can only admire and be proud of yours Fellini dresses each time you wear them!

I really suggest you to visit Fellini Couture mainstore , not only becouse of this amazng new release, but also because there're some incredible dresses coming from the carnival show made by Bestyle Agency and you cannot miss them!!!!!

Visi Fellini Couture mainstore!


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A new and amazing italian store with great accessories and shape to die for!
Ad!b! mainstore has a hight quality accessories, I'm showing you the "tongue" attachment that is so cute and sexy but also funny at the same time. The tongue is available with a sweet cherry or alone and it has is own animation.
But boys, this store is also for you! Ad!b! store infact has a large collection of shape for man that you will love for sure!

I can only suggest you to visit Ad!b! mainstore and grab your favourite accessories from this amazing new italian store!

Don't miss them!

- Azul - Lolita Dress

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And here I am!!!! Back from an entire week full of relax and sweetness with my lovely boyfriend out of my native town!
I'm back with a lot of new releases and today I would like to start introducing the new and fresh release from -Azul-: Lolita Dress!

I love this dress, it reminds me the sexy and elegant spanish dress!
I choose it in Ruby color since I love the hot colors and the red one is the best for representing such an amazing kind of dress but Lolita is also available in others colors, all fab!

The black accessories embellish this masterpiece and you will surely feel a sexy latina!
really suggest you to visit -Azul- mainstore, more news are coming soon with amazing new releases so..stay tuned and don't miss Lolita!

*SoliDea Little FoliEs***

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Another amazing new release from SoliDea FoliEs but... another new project also! I would like to present you the SoliDea Little FoliEs creations!
A great and fab set of hat and jewels , unique and really glamour.

, Cube and Tube are the name of this new sets, I simply love them 'cause they are unique in their kind and sophisticated at the same time.

You will find them in different color and each set counts of an hat, earrings and rings.

You will love them at first sigh as all the SoliDea FoliEs creations!

Visit SoliDea Little FoliEs store and SoliDea FoliEs mainstore!

-Glam Affair - Chic Limited Mary on Fire

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I've already spoke about the CHIC Limited store: each month a new theme will be presented and designers will change.
Inside this little store you will find some exclusive collection made by the best designer of SL.
Here's the -Glam Affair- release for March that you will find in the Chic Limited store!

Mary on Fire
is a full outfit where you can find the exlusive Mary on Fire skin, outfit ( that's incredibly sexy ), a pair of eyelashes and many options so you can choose your best look!

I really love this ensamble, I'm pretty much close to the avantgarde style in this period and I really like how this outfit mix the avantagrde but the sexy lingerie style at the same time!

You will find this amazing outfit in the
CHIC Limited Store, and I'm sure that you cannot miss it, or you're fool!

Agy Secret - MonabaRocco

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Here's another amazing new release from the newest but incredible store Agy Secret!

MonabaRocco is a sexy and gorgeous dress! I loved it at first sight!
The lace body is sinuous and really sexy, most of all because it leaves uncovered the front part of the chest !

The flexy wide skirt is suggestive 'cause it follows every movement of the body and it quite seems as if it has a own life.

And what about the accessories? the lace mask is simply amazing, I so love the stuff that makes you so misterious! Inside the pack you will also find two different kind of tattoo layers with some gorgeous make up!

You will find MonabaRocco in 4 different colors and you will love it for sure!

Visit Agy Secret Mainstore.

Angel Dessous

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Spring is coming soon and Angel Dessous has just released an amazing collection dedicated to this so desired season.

I would like to show you three of my favourites dresses from this spring collection: Melanie, Ananya and Blossom!

I've to say that I so love the colors of this new collection: soft, well done mixed, thay reproduce perfectly the idea of the good weather , the colors of the new growing flowers and so all the fabulous things of spring!

Melanie is so lovely, the colors are vibrant and the flower theme of the texture is simply perfect!

Ananya is a gorgeous dress, I'm showing you the peacock color which is absolutely amazing: green, gold and turquoise mixed together creating this masterpiece of dress!

is a lovely and cute outfit, the pink color I choose is adorable and the poofy sleeves makes it so cutieeee!!!

I really suggest you to visit Angel Dessous mainstore and don't miss the other creations that are waiting for you for this uncoming season!


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Two amazing new releases from Plume and I so love them!!!
Plume is a new and amazing mainstore where you will find some incredible hairstyle, from the elegant to the avantgarde one!

Today I'm showing you two of my favourite new releases: Butterflies and Punk!

Butterflies is a gorgeous elegant hairstyle adorned with some cuties butterflies that you can also wear in your shoulder, ear and mouth.
is a avantgarde and aggressive hairstyle that includes also a punk mask that makes this new release so misterious.

The hairstyle has a script that allows you to change some hairpiece
color into various tones.

If you want to not miss this amazing new releases, visit Plume mainstore!

-Azul- Blossoms

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Also today I would like to introduce you with honor and pleasure a wonderful dress coming from the final of MVW 2011. Blossoms is a wonderful dress from -Azul- worn by Miss China Blossom Sweetwater and is really soft and elegant.

I really love the big petals coming down from the top of the big and poofy skirt in lace that I found incredibly elegant.

The MVW 2011 final competition was full of amazing dresses with floral theme, and this is one of them!
The soft lace jacket that covers the shoulders is simply gorgeous, you can use it also to mix and match other outfits and give that sort of delicated touch to every outfit you would like to wear, from the casual to the more sophisticated one.

Visit -Azul- Mainstore!


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I've always considered Son!a's dresses jewels of high class and full of fantasy!
Her lastest creations are indeed shocking!

Today I'm going to show you 4 new dresses , two of them introduced in the final of the Miss America Latina contest.

Every dress abounds in refinements and accessories, unique details, several elements mixed creating an amazing collection of dresses.

I so love the choice of the colors, they are always vibrant! I was speachless when I saw the fantasy and the details of the Candle gown, the skirt is simply outstanding with those candels, roses, pieces of lace, and leafs!
And what about the two dresses made for the MAMLA contest? I really love the idea of the peacock feathers for the Miss Costa Rica dress and the mairmaid theme for the Miss Ecuador one!

In Son!a mainstore you will find all kind of dresses but also accessories such hair and other stuff and an entire section dedicated to the bridal gowns , the most beautiful collection I've ever seen!

I really suggest you to visit the Son!a mainstore.


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In this days I'm always looking for great accessories and I would like to let you know this brand: BaOba!
It's pretty much new but so incredible.

I'm always speachless infront of newest stores but with high quality items!
The designer are growing and becoming better and better!

I'm wearing two hat from BaOba: Miss Amapola Hat Black and Miss Anemone Hat.

I think this store really deserve a look , you will find some amazing hat incredibly well done and with a great taste for style.

Visit BaOba mainstore.

My Precious - Wish

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Wish is a gorgeous new release from Agnes Finney - My Precious brand.
I really love it because it's freshy, just like a cocktail dress, simple in its design but sexy and elegant at the same time.

Why sexy? because I so love the choise of the white transparent lace, the white color make it pure and elegant but the lace give an extremely sexy touch to this amazing dress.

You can wear it for every occasion and you will feel as a Lady :)

All the My Precious creations are simply stunning, all the dresses ( from everyday dress to the most accurated gown ) are pretty much detailed and full of enchanting charm and you will fall in love with this brand as I was the first time I came into the mainstore.
Visit My Precious mainstore.

Solidea Folies - new releases

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I so love the new releases from Solidea Folies!!
I'm really glad to sponsorize this brand not only because they do amazing accessories but also because it's an italian brand and I would like to give them the right popularity they deserve for this amazing work coming from my same country!

The new sets are pretty much fantasy, avantgarde and also vintage as we can see in the "for italian taste" that remember me the Giuliet's hat from Romeo&Giuliet story.

I really suggest you to visit the Solidea Folies mainstore because it really deserve it.

Grab your favourite accessories and be unique.

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