-Glam Affair - Mary..Coming Soon

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A new skin line is coming... and you cannot miss it!
Glam Affair - Mary

Angel Dessous - Cherie

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Sexy and really really gorgeous are the keywords for the new Cherie lingerie set from Angel Dessous.
As you may know, Angel Dessous has an incredible section of lingerie set, onw of the beautiful and well done lingerie creations I've ever seen.
This new set, Cherie, is made of a body and lace mini skirt, gloves, a cute ribbon on the chest ( so sexy ) garrets and also peals and lace necklace!

Cherie is available in different colors and I'm showing you the "Fire" one because I love red and black mixed together for a sexy lingerie!

Visit Angel Dessous mainstore!
Be sexy!!

*SoliDea FoliEs*** New release

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I have to say a big THANK YOU to Mimmi Boa for letting me know about this wonderful shop named *SoliDea FoliEs***!!!
I've already done a post about *SoliDea FoliEs*** creations and today I would like to show you their new releases which are absolutely fab!

All the *SoliDea FoliEs*** creations are a masterpiece that you cannot miss, I still wonder how did I live for so long without them!

All the accessories are perfect if you want to create a truly unique and inimitable style.

From elegant and romantic to gothic, all you need is here!

You MUST have to visit this incredible store and I'm sure you will not regret it and you are going to love it so much that you will not being able to to do more for less.
Visit *SoliDea FoliEs*** mainstore!

Style Card:

[1st pict ] *SoliDea FoliEs* Hair/1/

[2nd pict ] *Solidea Folies* MATA

[3rd pict ] *Solidea Folies* Madame/Headpiece

[4th pict ] *SoliDea FoliEs* Butterfly Circle

-AZUL- Louise dress

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I'm really proud and honored to present you the amazing MVW 2011 evening gown made by -Azul- for the 1st runner up Louise McWinnie Miss Czech Republic !!!
Louise is an amazing dress, now available in different colors, all fab as always!
I really love this dress, is simple but enchanting! I have to say that this year was a triumph of flowers, most of the girls and designers have chosen a floreal theme for their dresses and this is one of them!
The sculpted petals on the chest and in the side of the gown give a gentle movement and a touch of elegance to the dress.

I chose to wear the dress in champagne color but you will find more tones in -Azul- Mainstore!

Grab yours and be a princess with -Azul- Louise gown

Style Card:

Hair: Exile Emmanuelle

Tattoo : [White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Marguerite

Dress: -Azul- Louise

Necklace: CCD - Ashley Diamond Neckace

Pose: Manifeste

A bounch of delicious stuff

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Yes, today I would like to make a huge post full of amazing new releases.

Firts of all I introduce the new Eyelashes set from Chaisuki. You know that I really love Chaisuki's work, the skin are amazing and original and now.. a new set of eyelashes is done and it's simply fab!
20 new eyelashes style and 4 tattoo eyelashes that you will die for!
I'm showing you my favourites ones.
They suits perfectly for a glam chic style and also for an everyday style!
I know that I will always use them in my modeling shows!

Then... since many of you asked me where my eyes comes from.. I decided to dedicate a little space to them!
All my eyes comes from Unique Megastore, I always used them since I was a noob and I've never found more realistic ones in all my SL!
I so love them: the vibrant colors, shadows, lights, details.. all this stuff make them so realistic!
I'm showing you, witht the Chaisuki Eyelashes, my favourites from the Expressive Big Eyes, Sensitive and Natural eyes collection!

The news are not finished!!!!
Many of you knows about the CHIC Limited store started the 15th of January and run until the 29th! Each month a new theme will be presented and designers will change.
Inside this little store you will find some exclusive collection made by the best designer of SL.
This Amara outfit from -Glam Affair- is one of them and I love it!
Sexy, avantgarde and stylish.. this outfit is incredible and I think that you cannot miss it!

At last but not least , the new Donna Flora jewelry set: Elisa!
Ok, this is another masterpiece from Squinternet, isn't it?!
I really love the square shape of the stones and this set includes two rings and a hud so you're able to choose your favourite color of your Elisa Set!

[LeeZu!] an event that you cannot miss!

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Introducing a complete new line

When you close your eyes…

Can you feel it? The light touch against your skin.

Can you hear it? The sharp snapping of the cat tail.

Can you see it? The glistening moistness.

Can you smell it? The distinct must of leather.

Can you taste it? The salty viscous texture against your tongue.

February 6th. Only at [LeeZu!]™

Fellini Couture - Checkmate

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You love chess??? then this new Fellini Couture gown is made for you!
This is a fabulous gown in white and black color adorned with a bounch of sculpted chess pieces which make it really uniques.

he design is simple but you will love it at first sight.

I think that you cannot miss this new and amazing release, so
Visit Fellini Couture Mainstore and make it yours.

**DD Style** Angels Milena gown from MVW 2011

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Yes!!! My gown is finally out and I'm so happy about that!!!!
After months of hard psychological stress inflict by me to the designer ( and sister ) trying to hurry her in putting the dress on sale, finally the so desired creation is out!!!!!
"Angels Milena" gown is .... how can I say it.. all that I dreamed so far!
I've worked a lot together with the designer Dadina Dosei above the project of this gorgeous gown and the finally result is stunning.
When I wore it for the first time I felt as a real princess and every time I wear it it's an incredible emotion!
You can find my precious gown in **DD Style** Mainstore!
The jewels are not included but you can find them in Donna Flora mainstore, search for the "Angels" set available in gold and black version!

Plume - new release

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Yesss!!! I've made a vendor for the best hair shop of this year: Plume!
Plume has an incredible collection of fab hair, unique and really original style, reach of details and also elegant!
You will find a huge variety of style for mix and match your outfit in the best way!
This is a store you MUST have to visit!
All the hair are equipped with script so you can easily modify them as you prefere!
I really enjoy the theme of this vendor 'cause I love fantasy stuff and the Elfique hair are really gorgeous! ( and I love my earss!!! purrrr )
If you love this brand visit Plume mainstore!
You will no regret it

LOQ hair

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Another fab new releases from LOQ hair!!!
This new creations are my favourites ones, so stylish, casual and so pretty.
Inside each full pack of this new collection you will find also a set of hairbase so you can match them to your favourite hair color!

What about the names?? Bayleis , Tequila and Grappa! They are originals and yummy at the same time ;)

I also reminds you that the Grappa hair are available also in male version so guys, grab yours!!

I really suggest you to visiti LOQ hair Mainstore!


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Here's a new release from Slut!
Today I was in a "casual and sexy" mood and this new releases are perfect for this style!
I'm wearing the Slut D.Dress in Cherry color which is soo sexy!
Infact this dress have an half uncovered part ( that I'm hiding - yes I'm a little bit shy hihi - with my new Magica hair ) that makes this dress so fierce and sexy.
I'm also wearing the new Leggins from Slut that you can find in several colors, all great!
If you love the underground, casual and sexy style... Slut is the brand for you!
Visit Slut mainstore

Style Card:

Hair: Magika // Brown Pack // Dara

Dress: Slut D.Dress in Cherry

Leggins: Slut Leggins [fp]

Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Moxie Patent Red

Bubblegum: [PF] Yum Bubblegum!

Bangles: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/RED Fur,leather, Nail & ring

*SoliDea FoliEs*

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This is a store that you have to keep in mind because it's FAB!
*SoliDea FoliEs** makes some gorgeous and outstanding stuff that you will die for!
I've discovered this store from Mimmi Boa and I'm really happy that's another one signed with the italian flag!!!

*SoliDea FoliEs** has the most original and amazing accessories I've ever seen and there are masterpiece that you MUST have in your inventory if you want to be supercool!

I'm showing you two pieces from this amazing store: the
Freedom cage and the Mad hat in black color!
Only one word for describe them: F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Visit *SoliDea FoliEs* mainstore!

Vanity Hair - Miss Philipines hair

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I think I've been too quite for a long time!

I'm so busy in this days with my RL that I'm spending few time for my dearest blog, I apologise for that!

But.... I've an amazing news for you!
Vanity Hair released the amazing hair worn by MVW Miss Philipines 2011 Fuzz and they are simply stunning!
You know that I love all the Vanity Hair creations, but this is really gorgeous.

I so love the armonic shape of this hair, the fact that half face is covered is sexy but elegant ( and you know how much I love sexy and elegant mixed together!)

In this period I'm more close to the "brown" haircolor so I'm showing the "soil" tone instead the black one I always worn in my posts for Vanity Hair and , as you can see, is so fab.

I thing you might have to visit Vanity Hair mainstore!

Fellini Couture - Precious Stone

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Ok, first of all before introducing the new amazing dress from Fellini Couture I would like to wish you an Happy new yearrr!!!!
I hope this will be an amazing 2011 but I'm sure it is!
We have a lot's of new releases and amazing news that I would like to share with you one by one during this weeks and I hope you'll enjoy them.

Today I would like to share the new gown from Fellini Couture : Precious Stone!

Ok, only one word to describe this dress.... FABULOUS!

I'm a Fellini Couture addicted, we all know that, but this gown is simply special!

I so love the hairpiece made with flowers and feathers and I love the pink and black colors 'cause they both are sexy and elegant and mixed together are... WOW, so special!

The lace and the satin textures give a refine touch to this dress and the sculpted silver belt is really elegant embroided with gems.

When you will wear this dress, you will be recognazible as a piece of precious stone and people will adore you! You will shine for sure inside this dress!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Fellini Couture and grab yours Precious Stone dress.

Look # 10

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Style Card:

Dress: -Glam Affair- Marta [TDR Collection ]

Pants: -Glam Affair - Spiker - black

Shoes: LeLutka - Saffron Pumps

Hair: Miamai_Ylena Tail Black

Cage: *Solidea Folies** Black Cage Face Decor

Bangles: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/rock/rings and nails

Skin: LAQ ~ Claudia2 [Fair] Glow skin

Pose: Di's Opera [ The Holiday Hunt ]
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