*SoliDea FoliEs***

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Solidea Folies has just releases a bunch of amazing new items: Hero, Wings, Barbara set and Wool hair are simply stunning!

I really love the futuristic design of the Hero dress, available in two different colors.

It's also pretty much sexy 'cause the dress is fully sculpted so girls.. no clothes layers..ah ah ;)

The Barbara set is so funny and charming, the vibrant colors are beautiful and the design of the set is a little bit ethinc, perfect for the spring but also for the incoming summer season.

What about the Wings??!!
Gosh, I so love them!!! They are so realistics and soft that you will love them for sure! You will also find wings with particles ;)

The wool hair are pretty much original and colorfull. Perfect if you want an underground style :)

What else? just visit the Solidea Folies mainstore, grab your favourite item and be unique :)

Vanity Hair

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After the big success from the film "The Black Swan", Vanity Hair decided to inspire some of her new hairstyle to this amazing movie!

Black Swan
and White Swan are simply outstanding: the beautiful hairstyle from the movie in black and white color with jewels and feathers to embellish them!

You will also find a tattoo make up layer with the makeup ispired from the movie inside each hairstyle color you choose and also the hairbase color matched!

Just Nina is another amazing release: a simple but very effective hairdo that you will love for sure.
Perfect for an elegant dress!!

Visit Vanity Hair mainstore!


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I't's Springtime!! and Son!a has some amazing new releases from her spring collection!

Daphne, Kira, Sheri and Springtime.. four amazing dress for this colorfull and amazing season!

As you may already know , Son!a make some wonderful and gorgeous dresses, full of details and pretty much original in their design.

I really love how she puts inside her creation a touch of fantasy and also a little bit of romanticism. This new collection is the best reppresentation of this season.
The colors and the flower theme are perfectly matched inside each design and I'm sure you will fall in love with each one of them!

Visit Son!a mainstore!!

Estravaganza - Silk Pinstripe

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Estravaganza, the italian brand born by the espert hand of traveller Bade and Estrelia Guisse, has a new sexy outfit!

Silk Pinestripe
reminds me that sexy teacher outfit that every girl dreamed in their life!

Made in silk, this dress is full of details you will sure make go crazy your boys once you will wear it!

Visit Estravaganza Mainstore and be sexy!

Donna Flora

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We all know that Donna Flora is an amazing brand where you can find some of the most beautiful jewels and vintage outfit!
But now... you will also find amazing and outstanding SHOES!!

Donna Flora has recently released a collection of amazing and elegant shoes that you will die for! Anna, Ramona and Jesse are elegant, sculpted and full of amazing details.

Inside each pack you will find an alpha layer and a HUD so you can easily change your skin tone and also resize them as you prefere.

Be unique and elegant, now also in your feet :)

Visit Donna Flora mainstore.

Agy Secret - new casual collection!

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The Agy Secret casual collection is out and it's simply FAB!!!

I so love each new releases 'cause is sexy, casual and gorgeous!!!

I 'm and I was a mini dress addicted and this casual collection is full of this kind of dress so , HAPPY ME!!!

I'm showing you some of the new releases: Leather Jacket, Wolf Dress, Jean Pant, Vicky Toboggan dress and ViviTrocadero Leather dress!

Visit Agy Secret mainstore, you will find all you was looking for !!!

Fellini Couture - Kamasutra

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A new sexy and amazing release from Fellini Couture!

Just the name can reminds you the art of love, Kamasutra is a sexy and elegant outfit that you will love for sure!

Based on a Hindu theme, this dress is complete of amazing jewels like the crown and the belly one.

The gown is the best part of this magical dress, in the backside you will find some sexy images from the Kamasutra book.

I suggest you to visit Fellini Couture mainstore.

Plume - new releases

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I've already show you some of the amazing creation from the new and outstanding hairstore Plume!

Today I would like to introduce you some of their lastest releases and I'm sure you will love them:
Elegance, Bella, Venus, Diamonds are some of them that I simply love!!

The Plume designs are always sophisticated, original, always with that touch of class and unique accessories for making them gorgeous!

Inside some of this new releases you will find accessories , all with color change option so you can easily match them to the color of your outfit.

I really suggest you to visit Plume mainstore!!!

Dress: -Azul- Esperanca

Jewels: Donna Flora - Misty set in gold

-Azul- Kathe & Esperanca

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Today I would like to show you two amazing new releases from -Azul- !

I so love this two dresses, Kathe and Esperanca, but I'm so happy that the Esperanca one is for a just cause:
we all know the big earthquake that hit drastically Japan.

The magnitude 9.0 quake spawned a deadly tsunami that slammed into the nation’s east coast, leaving a huge swath of devastation in its wake.
And having nuclear crisis, its releasing Radioactivity by explosion of power plant.

More than
27 thousands of people are dead or are still missing, around 154 thousands of ppl are still living at a refuge, around 48 thousands of houses were destroyed completely(7 Apr) .

We know not all the refuge (school or city office) can receive Relief supplies still, even still NO Electricity.
The Esperanca dress will help all the Japanese victims of this terrible event: 100% of sales goes to donation for help victims through Japanese Red Cross Society.

Mami Says: "I will report sales and donate to the Japanese Red Cross Society to all of you on my Blog with my responsibility"

Both dresses are wonderful, and if you would like to buy also the Esperanca dress you will do a big big big action :)

Visit Azul Mainsore!

As Vittorio Arrigoni, our connational, always used to say: "Stay Human!

Let's give our big help to Japan.

LeeZu! Cortez Pants

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Another release from LeeZu! : Cortez Pants.

I really love this shorts , they are really well made and original!
The belt can be purchased also separately and inside each pack you will also find a HUD that allows you to change te texture of it.

Cortez is available in three different colors, find your best combination!

Visit LeeZu! mainstore!

My Precious - Athena

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Another fabulous gown from My Precious !!!

Athena is a sensational, elegant, sexy dress that you will die for!!
Available in different colors, this dress reminds me the oriental style of formal gown that I love so much!

For this reason I think that this dress is one of my favourite from
My Precious mainstore!

The lace shirt with those elegant long sleeves is so impressive and elegant!!!
I will use it for sure to create also other outfits 'cause it really deserve to be worn in any kind of situations!

I suggest you to visit
My Precious mainstore, full of amazing and charming elegant dresses!!!

-Glam Affair- Monica

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I know that most of you was waiting for a new release from -Glam Affair- and here we are: Monica is just out!!

I have to say that Monica is one of my favourite skin of the entire -Glam Affair- collection!!
I so love it and I was really honored to wear it for the ADV that is near the Monica's vendor!

I think that the shape of the mouth is really gorgeous, soft and sexy.
The nose is delicated and the skin is perfectly done!

As always, you will find Monica skin in different tones and you will also find an amazing make up set created for the Monica skin by Miamai!

Visit -Glam Affair- mainstore and grab yours :)

*Mayden Couture*

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Hello everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you one of the most interesting new items that in this month is going around SL: the sculpted hands

Yes, that's right: after the big popularity of the sculpted feet that has literally come out of his mind most of the people, both female and male, of SL now is time for the sculpted hand!

Mayden Couture has just released a set of sculpted hand that's really cute! Inside the pack you will find left nd right sculpted hand, a set of bangles to match, two HUD ( one for the hand and nail color and the other one for the gesture you can make with the prim hand) and two alpha layer!

I found really hilarious that the "gesture" HUD has a large variety of amazing hand gestures that you can use if you want to make some artistic or funny photos!

I have to say that I'd some difficult in changing the color of the hand texture, I had to click several times to get the color applied.
I really hope that Mayden Couture will fix this problem or it will be a pity!

Anyway, if you would like to make some interesting photos or you just to reach a more natural look, visit Mayden Couture mainstore and grab your sculpted Hand ;)

Vanity Hair

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You how much I love Vanity Hair creations and today I would like to show you an amazing hairstyle made by Tabata Jewell, ower of the brand, for the Little Big Shop Event that will begin April 15 to develop cooperation between established designers and SL newcomers!

Bubbles is an amazing and really original hairstyle! Fully sculpted, the bubbles in cyan color are cute and make a really chich ensamble.

Inside the Bubbles hair pack you will find also two tattoo layers: one with the matching hairbase and the other one with hairbase and the cute make up I'm showing you in the photo! Isn't it amazing?

Keep talking of tattoo layers, Visage has an amazing new release : Glim!
It's available in different colors but I've decided to wear it in the Blue version so I can match it with my new Vanity Hair , YAY!

You can find Visage makeup inside the Vanity Hair mainstore since also this brand born by the expert han of Tabata!

Visit Vanity Hair mainstore, full also of amazing new releases!

*SoliDea FoliEs***

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Here's a bunch of amazing new releases from *SoliDea FoliEs*** store! I so love their creations and also their originality!
Today I would like to show you the Circle dress and the new Andrea Head Decor!

*SoliDea FoliEs*** accessories are amazing, you can mix them and use them to create an absolutely unique outfit!

The Circle dress is simply outstanding!!!!
A full prim dress, made with iron circles surrounding the entire body and some cuties flying butterflies than you can wear separately if you want to add a sweet touch to this ensamble!

The new Andrea Head Decor is so lovely!!!! A headpiece of sunflowers , perfect for the spring season!!!

Visit *SoliDea FoliEs*** mainstore if you want to grab this masterpieces than you surely cannot miss!!!

And don't forget to visit also the *SoliDea Little FoliEs*** store ;)

-Azul- Jeanie

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I know, sometimes it seems that I'm "died" but I've only a mess in my RL and a tons of things to do in this days so, apologiesssss everyone, readers and designers!

Today I would like to show you the new dress from -Azul- : Jeanie! Absolutely stunning as usual, this dress is perfect for an important date or for a cocktail party because is simple, lovely and extremely elegant!

I choose to wear it in Garnet 'cause I so love the red dresses and this one seems so sexy in this color version. Maybe also because the gown sometimes leave space to one leg thanks to the asymmetric little skirt adornet with silver flower as in the left shoulder.

The glitter top is so gorgeous and give a touch of glamour and light to this wonderful creation.

Visit -Azul- mainstore and grab Jeanie in your favourite color!
Don't miss it!

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