*SoliDea FoliEs***

Solidea Folies has just releases a bunch of amazing new items: Hero, Wings, Barbara set and Wool hair are simply stunning!

I really love the futuristic design of the Hero dress, available in two different colors.

It's also pretty much sexy 'cause the dress is fully sculpted so girls.. no clothes layers..ah ah ;)

The Barbara set is so funny and charming, the vibrant colors are beautiful and the design of the set is a little bit ethinc, perfect for the spring but also for the incoming summer season.

What about the Wings??!!
Gosh, I so love them!!! They are so realistics and soft that you will love them for sure! You will also find wings with particles ;)

The wool hair are pretty much original and colorfull. Perfect if you want an underground style :)

What else? just visit the Solidea Folies mainstore, grab your favourite item and be unique :)


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