*Mayden Couture*

Hello everyone!!!

Today I would like to show you one of the most interesting new items that in this month is going around SL: the sculpted hands

Yes, that's right: after the big popularity of the sculpted feet that has literally come out of his mind most of the people, both female and male, of SL now is time for the sculpted hand!

Mayden Couture has just released a set of sculpted hand that's really cute! Inside the pack you will find left nd right sculpted hand, a set of bangles to match, two HUD ( one for the hand and nail color and the other one for the gesture you can make with the prim hand) and two alpha layer!

I found really hilarious that the "gesture" HUD has a large variety of amazing hand gestures that you can use if you want to make some artistic or funny photos!

I have to say that I'd some difficult in changing the color of the hand texture, I had to click several times to get the color applied.
I really hope that Mayden Couture will fix this problem or it will be a pity!

Anyway, if you would like to make some interesting photos or you just to reach a more natural look, visit Mayden Couture mainstore and grab your sculpted Hand ;)


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