TTF - Titania - Fantasy

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Thea Tamura Fashion is a great brand that offer you amazing creations, pieces of art.
This new release Titania is incredible, you can wear it in two different option, one more casual and elegant at the same time, the other is soo fantasy but you will love both!
I really love the poofy gown with this fantastic texture and the sculpted bra that fit perfectly to the body ( most of all if you wear it with breast at 65 value ).

And tonight in TTF Mainstore there will be a fashion show with this amazing creations in collaboration with the EVANE Agency!
An event that you cannot miss: you will see all the best outfits from TTF performed by the beautiful and professional models from the EVANE Agency.
We will wait all you there :)

( Click the invite for the LM of the show )

Style Card:

Hair: W&Y AGATA Model 04 PACK A

Skin: LAQ - Mima - Peach


Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Bette

Earrings: [MANDALA] Lotus chaine Necklace&Earring /purple

Nails: GK - Vendetta - D - Gold

Pose: Manifeste

Hair Fair & Bloggers Day

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" One of the most exciting days of Hair Fair has always been Bloggers Day – this year it will be 3rd September. Exciting for the committee because it is a test run for the event, and exciting for the designers as their new releases are revealed to people from all over the world. In the hopes that they will share their creations through blog posts with amazing pictures and delightful insights.

This year we are making sure that enough notice is given for bloggers from all over Second Life to apply for admission to that event. It is limited in numbers, because the sims themselves have avatar limits, and there are many hundreds of bloggers.

Priority will be given of course to bloggers that did a lot of posts on the event last year, as well as those that feature and give credit to hair in their posts all year round. The bloggers must also be regular bloggers, with visible posts crediting them as author.

All bloggers applying will have to provide a link to their blogs, as well as a minimum of three blog posts relating to either Hair Fair past, or Posts that they feel are focused towards hair – no editing of previous posts. Full Avatar name, as well as flickr link if you have one.

All applications are to be done in the comments of the post on the Hair Fair blog HERE , the comments are moderated, the info will not show to the public. ONLY the committee will see the applications, this is not meant to be a cattle call, but we do not want to miss out on anyone due to Second Life lag, and the possible misdirection of notecards.

If you are not a fashion blogger, but an events blogger, who would like to do a feature on the event, please apply, we would love to see the event covered as a whole, including info about the charity Wigs for Kids etc.

You must have your comment application in by the 10th of August, as preparations for the event will need to be organised, and invitations sent out.Only one blogger per blog may be accepted due to limits.

Thank you All

Hair Fair Committee "

Angel Dessous - Symphony

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Another amazing release from Angel Dessous store, Symphony is a really gorgeous and elegant dress, available in different colors ( I'm wearing the blue one ), perfect if you love the high couture style.
This dress is rich of details, from the flower decoration to the bow on the back and the sculpted gown will let you speachless 'cause it look so real.
I really suggest you this dress for an important night or a wedding, you will look so fab !
Visit Angel Dessous mainstore and grab yours.

Style Card:

Hair: Donna Flora - Lois hair - black

Skin: LAQ - Mima - Peach

Dress: Angel Dessous - Symphony -blue

Style Card from Angels

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Today I was checking some outfits and this is the results!
I've made two kind of combination mixing designers creations as **DD Style** , Mercie , Mandala, Stiletto Moody, Laqroki and I love Olive!
All these stores have fantastic creations and I really suggest you to visit them!

- SoHuGiKi Solutions - MUSE The Sauna

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My cousin released an amazing Sauna and there's a special offer on xstreet:

**PROMO** ONLY ON XSTREET - Muse The Sauna - Boxed
real price 3500l$!

-Hardcore,Softcore. Finally a Detailed and Cool Creation for your Fun.
It gives a wonderful touch of Style at your Bathroom
MUSE is Classy, Glamour and includes:

-5 Siphon with Control Pannel For Steam Skimmers
-Big Shower with 5 Siphon and Control Pannel Hot/Cold Water ( HIGH RES. Water Particles and Vapour)
-Sliding Door
- Lights with ON/OFF control pannel
New NPA Sex Engine!

NPA is the acronym for NOT PREDICTABLE ANIMATION... is a new technology that allows to obtain more more realistic movements for avatars, IT generates avatar movements by mixing several BHV files that indipendently animate different body sections. Final result is a much more realistic and varied movement! The avatar will just raise his arm, move a leg or do both things together or even nothing, but his behaviour will be always fairly unpredictabl

Visit the - SoHuGiKi Solutions - Mainstore

Chaisuki - Vienna

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I follow Chaisuki brand since I was born on SL and I think that Chai make such pretty and original skins!Today I would like to introduce you the new skin line called Vienna. This is an amazing work, the skin is available in 6 different tones and they are all fab.

Inside each tone you will find:
- 18 make-ups
- lipsticks
- optional opened lips
- optional hairbase
- alternative breasts
- optional tan-line
- optional pubic hair
A huge selection for mix and match this skin with your best style.

I really love the lips, they are really sexy and the pastel colors of the make-ups is just amazing and really original. You will find it perfect for this summer.

The body is simply amazing, you will have also the possibility to wear a sexy breast clavage or a tan-line so you can say : "hey, I went to the beach this morning and look my tanned skin!"
I think this is an amazing set that you cannot miss, visit Chaisuki!

Angel Dessous - group offer

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An amazing news coming from Angel Dessous: today they set up a group offer, the Marylin swimsuit in white color!
This is a cute beachwear in retrĂ² style, really gorgeous if you feel a pin up!
This amazing set includes:
sculpti bows, attached left and
right at the upper legs and also different sized
prim bangles in coordinated colors.
Where you can find it? off course in the Angel Dessous mainstore, take the group and don't miss it!

Razzanova Skins - Christine

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I've been quiet for some days but I'm back and with some amazing news for you!
Razzanova store has recently released a new and stunning skin - Christine!
This skin is so gorgeous, I really love the highlights points on the face and the body, the makeups are fab with some amazing colors, you will love it!

This skin will gonna make you crazy, you will love it!
All you have to do is visit the Razzanova Skin store and grab yours ;)

!VA! New amazing release

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Another amazing and absolutely cute release from !VA! that will let you speachless!
The French connection hair is so fab, simply in its style but really really stylish.
You can easily match them with any type of outfit and color: in fact the color band can change ito several tones so you can always wear them ;)
I think that they are perfect for you casual summer style, but they can also be worn on a sexy or cocktail dress, use your immagination!

And if you're a fan of the new LionSkins line NOVA, here's the !VA! hair created for this amazing new collection:
- Collateral red -

- Lucrecia Fucsia -

- Punk blonde -

Aren't they amazing? so get yours and be unique with !VA! style ♥

Siletto Moody BIG NEWS

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Ok, this is the time of an incredible news from Stiletto Moody!
The queen of the shows has just put out the amazing new summer collection 2010!
Romantic, dangerous, high heel and sexy curves, those are the incredible innovations for this amazing ans stunning summer collection.

But.... the news aren't finish :
an amazing 40% sale for all the group members of Stiletto Moody!
Remember the rules:
- wear your Stiletto Moody Group Tag when you buy
- Buy at full price and get an instant rebate - a refund of 40%
- Now for the first time ever i include 40% discount of gift purchases you make for your friends and lovers
- ColorSets are already discounted and do not get anouther 40% off
- New Summer1- Romantic Vice collection is not discounted but everything else is and the there are some sizzling hot styles

So run!!!!! ♥

Unique - Jolie

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Unique released a new and so cute skin: Jolie.
I fall in love with this incredible skin from the first day I saw it in the store.
The face is so cute, sweet and soft and the makeups are fantastic and with fantastic colors!!

You have the possibility to wear them in 4 different options. The amazing and innovative thing of this skin are the open lips! Sometimes skin with openlips can be a little bit ridiculous but this is very soft and effective and you will love how it fit on you!

The body is gorgeous, really sexy! I love the belly and the enhances is fab!
So, what else.. go in the Unique Manistore and get yours ;)

Fellini Couture - Swirl hair

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Another amazing release from Fellini Couture that will let you speachless.
Swirl Hair are so original and magnetic, a classy and fantasious updo for your best elegant outfit!
For sure you will be amazing and in the center of the spotlight.
They are available in Platinium, Beige, Cocoa, Onyx, Cherry & Soil color in the Fellini Couture Mainstore, go there and pick your demo ;) ♥

ISPACHI - Celeste

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Ispachi store has a new and great new releases: Celeste!
This is a great skin, realistic and with a tons of makeups. I choose the Mocha tone and I really love it! The body is simply amazing and the makeups are incredible!

The amazing thing is that each makeup can be worn in 7 option!
You will love each pixel of your body ;)

I'm showing you my favourites ones but you will find more and so beautiful!!!
where you can find them? only in ISPACHI Mainstore ;)

LionSkins NOVA

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I'd introduce you the new LionSkins line called NOVA some weeks ago but now is time to expand this incredible new skin collection.
In fact Lion has recently released three new version of this amazing and innovative skin with blonde, pink, and red hairbase and makeups to die for.
This three new releases come in the pale tone and each color have 10 different makeups and 4 options ( hairbase, baldhead, no freckles with hairbase and no freckles baldhead ) and the clavage is included!
I really love the originality of this skin, you will find amazing makeups, piercing painted in the skin, a fab and realistic hairbase and , omg, I really love the pink one 'cause it make me so unique!
If you will se a little girl with pink hair, well... it's just me ;)

I think that this is the sexiest belly I've ever seen in all my SL! You don't need to put prim piercing on to get sexy also 'cause most of the time wearing a prim piercing can detach some parts of an outfit or it can just come out to your clothes and is not so good to see.
But with this skin all your problems were resolved! Now you can be sexy and keep your belly piercing with any outfit, anytime!

And another amazing thing is that !VA! made an amazing hair set for this NOVA skin that fits perfectly with all the hairbase colors so you can choose your best style and be sexy!
You will find this amazing new set of NOVA skin in the LionSkins mainstore and you can buy the Nova hair created for this skin in Vanity Hair mainstore! ♥

Fellini Couture - Majestic gown

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Do you want to be a fantastic bride? well, this is the gown made for you!
Majestic from Fellini Couture is a special and fab wedding gown in cream color. The lace bodice is sexy but really elegant at the same time, the amazing gown has a beautiful train made of lovely feather overlaid petals and , if you detach it, this amazing dress can be convert into a beautiful elegant gown for your best night.
The lace sleeve with roses is so delicated and they give a perfect touch to this amazing and special gown. You have also the possibility to choose your veil, in fact inside the folder you will find two different version of the transparent veil.
Do you want you dream become real with your partner? well, there's no best way than show this amazing dress and say "yes, I do" ♥

Style Card:

Wedding Dress: Fellini Couture- Majestic gown

Hair: fri. - Jules - Browns

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Jewels: * Adele set - Donna Flora

Pose: Manifeste

-AZUL- Maggie

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The soft and sinuous shape of this new release from -AZUL- will let you speachless.
Maggie is a wonderful dress, available in different colors ( I'm wearing the champagne one ) with a double textures: a soft and delicate black lace top and gown and a satin skirt that you will find in different and amazing colors. You will love how it moves one the body and you will feel the elegant and freshness style for this summer.
Don't miss this amazing new creation, visit -AZUL-.

Style Card:

Dress: -AZUL- Maggie /Champagne

Hair: W&Y AGATA Model 04 PACK A

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Jewels: * ALAIR - Donna Flora

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Greta (Black Patent) - BOX

Pose: Manifeste

LeeZu! BeachBum Boots

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Time for a new WOW release from LeeZu!
The BeachBum Boots are out in 8 great colors and you will fool for them!
A completely sculpted boots that you can wear with or w/o a cute doll, perfect for this summer!
I put them with the Oui Oui shirt and the O'LaLa mini skirt always from LeeZu! and the final look is amazing.
You will love them for sure, grab yours and show your style to the world ;)

pssst and don't forget the LeeZu! Ten for 50k Contest!!! you still have time and join it soo run!! :D

Fellini Couture - Poppy Hair

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And the magnificent brand of Fellini Couture surprise us with an amazing creation, the Poppy hair!!
A great style for your best dress, available in different hair colors, this poppy hairstyle is so unique and you will love it. In the top of this composition you can see the hair making a cute and very effective poppy flower! I think that they are perfect for your WOW entrance ;)
Don't miss them :D

Angel Dessous - Carrie

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An amazing wedding gown is now available in the Angel Dessous mainstore.
Carrie is sophisticated, perfect if you want to look unique, original and lovely in your big day!
The sculpty gown will let you speachless with its design and what about the long and lovely veil, simply fab and so elegant.
Don't miss it! You will be an amazing bride with this fab dress from Angel Dessous!

Baiastice - Swimwear collection

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You have been invited into a special party pool!
I know, now you're looking inside your wardrobe and searching for a bikini that's fit to this event, but with poor results.. they are all old..
You want a suggest? you've ask to the right person!
Baiastice has release a new summer collection, full of beautiful, sexy, elegant swimsuits!
Bikini, trikini.. everything you need for this hot and special summer ( and for your party pool :P ) is here!
Go there, take yours and I'm sure that you will be in the center of the spotlight wherever you will go!!!

Bikini from left to right:


Baiastice_Arina Bikini-white


Baiastice_yemata-fashion crimson

Baiastice_illyen tiger-fuchsia


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Today I was looking in the Aoharu mainstore and I found some amazing releases!
Sporty, casual but really stylish and very very detailed , this jeans jacket called Dungaree is available in different colors and it's amazing. I really love the piece attachments and the belt is also included. All the sculpty prims have the resize so you can easily edit them for your shape.
I decide to match this jeans jacket with another Aoharu new release, a really cute lace ruffle skirt, available in two colors ( white and black ).
For add a final touch, sculpty feet sandals from Aoharu too and.. I think I'm ready for a casual style for this hot summer! What do you think? :)

Jeans Jacket: AOHARU_DungareeLongShirt_LightBlue NEW

Skirt: AOHARU_LaceRuffleSkirt_White NEW

Sandals: AOHARU_WALK_EthnicBijouSandals_Onyx

Hair: TRUTH - Eloise- Brown
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