- SoHuGiKi Solutions - MUSE The Sauna

My cousin released an amazing Sauna and there's a special offer on xstreet:

**PROMO** ONLY ON XSTREET - Muse The Sauna - Boxed
real price 3500l$!

-Hardcore,Softcore. Finally a Detailed and Cool Creation for your Fun.
It gives a wonderful touch of Style at your Bathroom
MUSE is Classy, Glamour and includes:

-5 Siphon with Control Pannel For Steam Skimmers
-Big Shower with 5 Siphon and Control Pannel Hot/Cold Water ( HIGH RES. Water Particles and Vapour)
-Sliding Door
- Lights with ON/OFF control pannel
New NPA Sex Engine!

NPA is the acronym for NOT PREDICTABLE ANIMATION... is a new technology that allows to obtain more more realistic movements for avatars, IT generates avatar movements by mixing several BHV files that indipendently animate different body sections. Final result is a much more realistic and varied movement! The avatar will just raise his arm, move a leg or do both things together or even nothing, but his behaviour will be always fairly unpredictabl

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