Anubis Style

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Anubis Style comes with a great mini collection inspired by the amazing work from Alexander McQueen.
This trubute is so realistic and I have to say that Anubis made a wonderful job!

All the dresses are a faithfull reprodution and I was speachless when I saw the photo of the original ones: every inch is perfectly reproduced, the textures, details..all is simply amazing and gorgeous!

I'm showing you 2 of them: Catlyn and Iaia but you will find more in Anubis Mainstore!
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Violator - Amen

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Another fab new release from Violator!
Amen is an avantgarde and really original dress and also really really sexy.
We can understand already by the name the source of this inspiration that's inspite of everything a little bit sinful! ( and we love that ).
This dress comes with shoes and a great hairstyle which is linked with this an hair piece embroided with black pearls.

I'm sure that you will love it as I do!

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Today I would like to show you an amazing and super fashion brand that I love sooo much! Son!a makes a gorgeous gown from the fantasy to the classic ones and they are so well detailed and really uniques!
I was having a look in Son!a mainstore and my eyes fell upon these two beautiful dresses: Waterfall and Nymph!

I know they aren't classical dresses. They are for special occasions, maybe a theme party or something like that but when you dress them.. gosh, you will never take them off!

I was speachless for the details that enrich these dresses , they are simply amazing and they give to them an amazing surprise and also a WOW effect.
I think that both fall into the category of my favourite dresses of the year!
I really suggest you to visit
Son!a mainstore, you will find everything you need: from casual, to elegant and also a set of hairstyle to die for!
Be unique and elegant!!!

Visit Son!a !

LeeZu! - Barbara Pullover

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Winter is here and we need something warm and fashionable for protect us from this cold!
LeeZu! created an amazing pullover set that you will die for: Barbara Pullover is simply kool!
An half sculpted pullover with some cute and classic fabric style that you can wear under a warm coat!
This amazing Barbara Pullover is available in 9 colors ( I'm showing the beige one ) and you will not resist to one of them.
I choose to mix and match it with others LeeZu! creations as the Madison Pants in snow color and the amazing boots from Courtisane and yes... now I'm ready for doing a snowman without feel the cold :D
I really suggest you to visit LeeZu! Mainstore.. you will not regret it

Donna Flora - Movie Star

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I so love Donna Flora's creations and today I would like to show you her new release which is simpl stunning!

I've never seen something so elegant and classic as this new *Movie Star* outfit and I think you will fall in love too.
I was impressed by the sculpted furcoat which falls gently in the ground, following a realistic shape ( for the animalist, don't worry, it's synthetic fur ) and the originality of this coat is brilliant.
What about the dress? long and synuous, made with strass with a wide collar on the back that is so sexy and elegant at the same time.

You can choose to wear also the dress without the coat and you will still look fab!
When I'm wearing it I feel as a real DIVA and the name of this dress "Movie Star" is perfect!
You will find this amazing outfit also in black color!

Other new releases are waiting for you in Donna Flora mainstore as also the jewels I worn for the final of MVW competition and the fab traditional gown worn by MVW Miss France Fauve Beaumont!
What are you waiting for?
Visit Donna Flora mainstore

Estravaganza - 50% SALE!!

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Great news !!

JUST FOR 5 DAYS! 21/22/23/24/25 December

ALL 50% OFF!

An offert that you cannot miss!

Visit Estravaganza Mainstore

Fellini Couture - Lady Lace

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A new sexy, elegant and so amazing release from Fellini Couture!
Lady Lace is so stunning, when I first saw it my impression was "wow, this is super sexy and elegant" and ( as always ) I also thought that I never seen something like that!
Fellini Couture has the ability to create any sort of dress of any kind but always making it unique and unparalleled!
The Lady Lace dress is a mix of classical lace but with a touch of avantgarde style and you will love it for sure!
Visit Fellini Couture mainstore and don't forget to see also the two gown made by Fellini Couture for the two finalist of MVW 2011 Carilynn OHare and Fauve Beaumont!

Baiastice - Bow Back Knee Boots

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This week will be full of amazing new releases!
Today I would like to show you the newest creation from Baiastice: Bow Back Knee Boots!
It's a set of amazing boots ( yes, I truly love them! ) with amazing colors and two different kind of shape.
Infact the Bow Back Knee Boots can be worn in two different version: one with a sexy sleeve up, the other one in a simply and classic style.

I have to say that I love both, maybe the "sleeveup" one is more aggressive but you can wear it with a simple casual style and you will give to the ensamble a touch of highness class.

Inside each pack you will find also the possibility to wear them with the alpha layer ( perfect for SL2.0 ) or with the classic invisiprim.

More news are coming out soon in Baiastice mainstore, so stay tuned, grab your Bow Back Knee Boots and be unique!

[LeLutka] New Release December 18th, 2010 (Apparel)

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After the huge release in the hair section, LeLutka is ready to launch the new Winter 2010 apparel collection.
I think it's simply amazing and you will love it for sure. The new LeLutka Winter collection 2010 is inspired by the Military Glam fashion look.
You will find a lot of incredible stuff, from hat to Military Jacket, perfectly done and really stylish.
Different colors , different mix and match, just catch your favourite one and get ready for the most beautiful season in the fashion world you ever seen!

And don't forget to have a look also to the shoes section, you will find the newest born creation Fame that's perfect for the cold season! Infact inside each pack you will find the possibility to wear this amazing pair of shoes with a pair of stylish legwarm!
So what are you waiting for? Don't miss this amazing new releases!

Visit Lelutka

Style Card:

Dress: [LeLutka]-FOXTROT dress/coffee

Bolero: [LeLutka]-IRINUSHKA bolero/warm

Hat: [LeLutka]-ANZHELINA hat/warm

Shoes: [LeLutka]-FAME-Copper

Angel Dessous - Sayoko

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An amazing gown from Angel Dessous, I think one of the best ever!
Sayoko is an elegant and stylish dress, with two color tones which make it so unique.

I really love the design of this dress, simple but very effective and elegant at the same time.
I choose it in red and black color but you will found it available also in other different colors all gorgeous!
I think that you cannot miss this gorgeous dress and from today you will find also the amazing gown from the final of MVW 2011 worn by Miss Germany 2011 Leandra Breen!

Visit Angel Dessous Mainstore

MVW 2011 Final

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I know I've been so quiet in this days, no post, no comments... so sorry!
I was really busy planning my final for the MVW 2011 competition which was yesterday!
Unfortunately I was not choosen as winner but I'm in the top 12 and Miss Photogenic!

I would like to share with you the two amazing gown realized for me for this special event from AnaLee Balut ( ALB Fashion ) and Dadina Dosei ( **DD Style** ) in collaboration with Squinternet Larnia
( Donna Flora ).
I love them so much and I have to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who made it possible!
I'm really happy for the result and it was a fantastic journey that I shared with some amazing girls!
And congrats to Serene Faith who has been chose as winner!

[MVW 2011 - Miss Italy National Costume ]

[ MVW 2011 - Miss Italy Evening Gown ]

- Glam Affair - Nero collection

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This is definetly one of my favourites collection of all the year!
-Glam Affair- comes out with the Nero collection, an avantgarde and futuristic style with a tons of accessories that you will die for.
I've decided to mix some different outfits in one so you can basically see the result of the entire collection in one shot!

I so love this collection and I think I will post more in this days about this sensational new releases because it deserve!
I can only suggest you to visit -Glam Affair- mainstore and you will not regret it!

Style Card:

Shirt: -Glam Affair- Willow Jacket

Skirt: -Glam Affair- Willow Skirt

Collar : -Glam Affair- Willow Collar

Pants: -Glam Affair- Marshall Pants

Hair: Bliss Hair - Laska Hair


Earrings: Creamshop - Glam Earring

Skin: -Glam Affair- Jadis Natural

Shoes: [LeLutka] Saffront Pumps

Al Vulo - Sugar

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Today I would like to speak about a new skin brand I've discovered since some days from one of my flickr friends ( Thank youu anna *-* ).
The brand is knowed as Al Vulo! and I was speachless when I discovered that it's an Italian brand!! ( woooot )!

I have to say that this brand offers a high quality section of woman skins with such great details and lovely lovely faces!

The one I'm showing you today is -Sugar- since is the one I loved most ( even if is not one of their lastes releases which are supercool too! ) !

I fall in love with this cute and angelic face, I choosed it in pale color but you can also find it in a tan and darker tone.

Inside the pack you will find also the possibility to wear your skin in different ways: in fact there is a good choise between clavage, deepest and softness makeups, hairbase and so on.

So, what else can I say.. for sure to visit this brand which really deserve more attention!

Visit Al Vulo! Mainstore!

Italians rulezzzzzzzzz ^-^

LeeZu! - Milan Pants

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This is a week full of amazing new releases!!
LeeZu has just created a new amazing pair of pants: Milan!

I really love this new release, it's ethnical with an amazing texture and great sculpted prims and you can wear it if you want that your casual style looks fab!
You can choose to wear Milan in two different styles: infact inside the folder od each pair of Milan Pants you will find the possibility to wear it in a long or short version and they both look stunning.

You will also find, as always, different layers options so you can mix and match as you prefere.
Milan is available in 5 different pastel colors and you will love them!
I choose to match my Milan pants with the LeeZu Dncorde shoes! ;)

Visit LeeZu mainstore!

* Bad Bitch & Slut *

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Today I would like to show you another italian brand with some sexy stuff!
* Bad Bitch & Slut * is a sexy, aggressive but also cute store with a lots of interesting stuff that for sure you would like to collect :)

The brand creates casual and sexy style and I love some of them so much ( for example the skirt with those cutiesss bunnies!! )

If you feel sexy and lolita but with you also have a cutie soul, then * Bad Bitch & Slut * is just for you.

Visit * Bad Bitch & Slut * mainstore

Donna Flora - New Releases

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Time for new releases also for Donna Flora!
I usually review Donna Flora's jewels but I have to say that Squinternet is also a great artist with outfits and dress too!

The two new dress are: Kasumi and Manuela.

is a very chic and glam dress available in different pastel color.

This dress is half sculpted ( as most of Donna Flora's c
reations ) and with a great style.
I think Manuela should be perfect for a cocktail party , most of all if you want to stylish yourself in a vintage mood.

is a really really ( e when I say really..I mean REALLY ) elegant dress!

When I had my first look on it I suddenly thought that reppresents the classic dress for the classy and elegant woman from the 50th ages, that classical style that will belong forever in our minds.

The sculpted sleeves are..amazing!
They are composed by a bounch of roses and flowers that you can also wear separately for embellish one of your favourites dress.

If you have an attention look to the texture of the Kasumi dress you will notice that it's so realistic, it seems a real silk texture. Two amazing releases that you cannot miss!
Visit Donna Flora mainstore!

Indyra Originals - Nikka

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Indyra Originals has a sexy and aggressive new release for you!
The Nikka dress is simply stunning: if you love the sexy but fierce style than Nikka is for you.

You know, my style turns around casual, glam and aggressive and I'm really happy to see that Nikka is a combination between them.

The sculpty jacket is so lovely and the golden studs are so glam and very detailed ( the texture is WOW ).

Also the belt and the skirt are full sculpted and I have to say that they look so original and realistics.

You will find Nikka dress in several colors ( the jacket remain the same for each dress ) and I'm sure you will love them!

Visit Indyra Original mainstore.

Style Card:

Dress: Indyra Originals - Nikka Rose Dust

Earrings: (creamshop) Glam earring (black)

Hair: [LeLutka]-PONY UP/dark_FAIR

Skin: -Glam Affair - Eva - MedTan
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