LeeZu! - Cloe Top

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Top: [LeeZu!] Cloe Top /apricot [NEW]

Skirt: [LeeZu!] Zarah Flexi Skirt /softblack

Hair: *Action Womens Hair Isabella - Sensuale Brunettes

Inserisci link

*SoliDea FoliEs***

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*SoliDea FoliEs* Margherita White

Dress: Fellini Coutre - Akemi gown

Seasons Collection from *SoliDea Folies*

Autumn - Summer - Winter

Hair: booN HSO388 hair black

*SoliDea FoliEs* Metamorphose

Hair: !*Bliss Hair*! Bianca Hair (Vanille/Caviar)

*SoliDea Folies** NightMare

Info about the new blog posts

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First of all I would like to thanks all my supporters for being so kindly followers even if I was off this 5 days!!!

I'm writing this post since I've been away too much long from the lastest post and I would like to explain what's happening in my RL.

In this days I feel really tired and stressed due to some issues I've in my RL and all this kind of stuff makes me feel pretty much ill.

I've been to the doctor this morning and he told me that I need a little break, restore myself, relax and bla bla bla.

You know how much I love my blog and my model carreer and I don't want to ending it...so, I've take a decision that will change a little big this blog.

Since I don't have so much time to write short or longer descriptions of each new releases, I've decided to publish only the pictures of the new releases and a short styling card just to let you know what kind of stuff I'm wearing so you can easily find them.

This is an hard decision but, you know, is better than ending definetly this blog that will be much more sad!

I hope you will understand and you will keep follow my dear blog!!!

Thank you so much for your attention and...keep your eyes open 'cause I'm going to make some posts right now with some amazing new releases for this summer season!!!

Love you all!!


Fellini Couture - Akemi Gown

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I so love the new release from Fellini Couture!!!

The Akemi Gown is one of the best gown I've ever seen from Fellini Couture!!!
The color of this gown is so soft and i one of my favourite one for this spring season.

The outfit is complete of jewerly and an amazing hat that is so elegant and original at the same time!

What else can I say??? just LOVE IT!!!
And I'm sure you will love it too!!!

Visit Fellini Couture mainstore!!

Vanity Hair

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Yes, that's right. A bounch of amazing new hairstyle from Vanity Hair.

Giulietta, Tatoom, Caribbean Breeze, Liberty, Baker Street are the new fantastic hair you can find in Vanity Hair mainstore.

I so love each style, from the elegant to the classic and casual one.

As always you can find them in different tones and you can also match your favourite color with the specific hairbase.

Vanity Hair always surprise me for her originality and the great sense of style!

You can wear a same hairstyle for elegant or casual style but you will look always fantastic!

**DD Style** New Collection

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**DD Style** comes out with a new and amazing Spring / Summer collection!
This is only a little preview but , as you can see, some fab dresses and complete outfit are waiting for you!

Yes, because the **DD Style** brand offers a complete bunch of amazing outfit, from the accesories to the shoes and amazing combinations of elegant and casual that are the icon of this brand.

I always admired the fantasy of Dadina but also the amazing idea of a "complete" outfit, all signed DD Style.

In this picture I've made a mix and macth of two different but similar outfits from the new collection. I've choose to mix the Gloria and the Isabel one, both fab!

And yes, the DD Style Spring / Summer collection is also for you boy: you will find a man's section with a bounch of amazing releases also for you :)

Visit ** DD Style** mainstore ;)

Bloom Doll

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Ok, I have to say that I've a secret....

Even if I'm a model and I "have" to be always perfect, in a stylish mood, trying to be the more elegant I can and bla bla bla, inside me there's also another part..we can say that is the "funny and extravagant" one.

Sometimes I'm able to keep it secret but.... sometimes, I just need to put it out!

When I saw this Bloom doll avi, well.... my funny and crazy part came out and..this is the result!!!!!!!!!

I just love this kind of avi, I think that is always a sort of "alternative style" and always a form of art and expression of ourself.
I cannot resist to buy it and is soooo cuteee, isn't it????? :D
The Bloom Doll are amazing, you can find them in different styles and you can also collect them :D

They are inspired by the RL Blythie doll that I soo love ( need to collect almost one of them ) and when I saw that there was also a SL tyle of this doll, I totally went crazy!

The Bloom Doll has different options : you can change the color of your eyes into different tones, you can choose to wear eyelashes and you can also choose to open or close your eyes.
Inside the pack you will find also 5 "doll" poses, two different shapes, a skin and the sculpted / scripted head.

More Bloom Dolls are coming soon and I'm pretty sure that I will collect all of them!!!
And you?? which Bloom Doll reflect your style???

Visit Surf Co. Mainstore , and collect them!

ISPACHI - Portia

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Here's a new and amazing release from the ISPACHI mainstore!

I have to say that I really appreciate this skin, mostly because of the doll face that make me feel so pretty and sweety.

The make up line is incredible: you can find soft make up but also the more sophisticated one for a glam and fab look.

Inside the pack or the single option you will find three different type of skin: infact you can wear the Portia skin with or without hairbase and clavage.

The skin is pretty much detailed, I this is the one of the most beautiful ISPACHI made.

You can easuly find
Portia in ISPACHI mainstore!

Grab you favourite make up or the complete bundle set ;)

**DD Style** for AVENUE Couture of Hope

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Inserisci linkMy dear and closest friend Dadina Dosei , owner of **DD Style** brand, made this fantastic dress for the Avenue Couture of Hope RF.

I so love it, also because the style of the dress is similar to the one I worn for the final of the MVW Competition.

The color of the gown is so fresh, the design is a mix of elegant and casual style that is so impressive.

You can find this dress in AVENUE Couture of Hope sim:


Don't miss it!

-Azul- for Culture Shock

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I would like to show you the amazing sexy dress that - Azul - made foInserisci linkr the Culture Shock event!

I think that this dress is FANTABULOUS!!! I love the mini sexy but elegant dress and this one is simply one of my fav!

You can find it at Culture Shock with other amazing creations from great design from all over SL!

Don't miss it!

Style Card:

Hair: Vanity Hair::Liberty HP [ NEW ]

Earrings: Donna Flora - Barbara Earrings

Nails: GK - Vendetta - D - Gold

Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Allure Black

Angel Dessous - Claudine

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Angels Dessous has recently released a new fab gown: Claudine.

I think the Angel Dessous brand makes some of the most beautiful gown and Claudine is the reflection of my words.

The gown is entirely made of lace texture with a gorgeous and elegant flowers belt.

The hat gives to the dress a sort of "English" elegant style that all dreamed for.

I choose to wear it in gold color 'cause , in this period ,I'm a gold addicted since I found it one of the best elegant and spring color you can wear.

But, as always, you can find Claudine in different colors so you can choose your favourite one or, why not, buy the entire set and make them all yours :)

Visit Angel Dessous mainstore, Claudine is waiting for you!

AVENUE Couture of Hope - Part II

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Here's the second part of the AVENUE Couture of Hope, an amazing project born by the staff of the famous agency that had a lot of consense during the 1st May show :)

In the other post I wrote that I was waiting for other creations and here's the Part II dedicated to this project.

I would like to remember that 40 designers participated to the AVENUE Couture of Hope and is created for all the survivors and champions who battle cancer everyday.

Today I would like to present the creations from: Azoury, OC, Finesmith Designs, Azul, SG and Aleida.

They are simply stunning and you can find them here:


Don't miss them, it's for a very good cause!!!

Stay Human!

My Precious - Preciousness Gown

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A new amazing gown from My Precious by Agnes Finney: Preciousness Gown.

When I worn it I was speachless, this big gown is so enchanting and reminds me the '700 dresses ,full of charm and elegance.

An entire lace dress, available in different colors, with a long and poofy gown with a train that is pretty much glamour.

I choose this dress in Champagne color and I so love this tone.

You will find Preciousness Gown in My Precious mainstore.

Visit it, you will not regret it ;)

Style Card:

Hair: Vanity Hair - Minerva HP - Nova Brown

Jewels: Baiastice_Reale set

Gown: My precious - Preciousness Gown

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth (Gold Diamante)

Pose: Manifeste

Baiastice - Spring collection

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We all know that the spring season is just arrived and.. the designers are fighting for releasing as soon as they can their spring collection before summer comes.

Here's the amazing, elegant, casual , sexy and fab new spring collection from Baiastice!

I was speachless when I saw the preview of it, the colors are amazing and each dress/outfit is gorgeous and perfect for this season!

We all know that in spring the pastel colors reign above the others and the new spring collection from Baiastice play with this.

Dress in pastel and great colors, most of them with sculpted pieces.

From sexy mini body suits to elegant dresses but... also accessories!!!

Yes, that's right! This spring collection from Baiastice is not focalized only to the dresses and outfits in general but also in the accessories :
I fell in love with the Foulards.

The are so perfectly done and with an amazing spring / summer texture!

And what about the jewerly set?? amazing!

I'm showing you the Reale one but you will find more and all fab!

The dress I'm showing you today are:
Thithee bodysuit, Themi dress, Nereide short version, Horai dress and Demetra dress.

But is not finish!!!

A new hair has just released always from Baiastice and always from the spring collection:
Wind hair roses are the perfect mix of the warm spring's wind and the roses , symbol of the reborn nature.

You can find the Wind hair with different roses colors, just choose and grab yours if you want to follow the trend of this year.

Visit Baiastice mainstore, there's still too much to discover.

Don't miss it.


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Two new amazing and fantastic releases from LeeZu!!!

Jeanne van Dark
is a really sexy outfit!!!

I've chose the air color of this amazing suit but there're still much more in the mainstore to choose from

This suit is composed by pants with sculpted belt and cuffs, jacket with sculpted collar and sleeves and it can be mixed and matched individually.

You will also find some tattoo layers that you can wear to replace the clothes layers.

Sounds amazing eh? ;)

dress is so cute and fab!

I so love this sculpted dress and I so love this old pink color !

Also in this case, Paradii dress is available in different colors and I pretty much sure you will not resist to them!!

Visit LeeZu! mainstore.

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