Info about the new blog posts

First of all I would like to thanks all my supporters for being so kindly followers even if I was off this 5 days!!!

I'm writing this post since I've been away too much long from the lastest post and I would like to explain what's happening in my RL.

In this days I feel really tired and stressed due to some issues I've in my RL and all this kind of stuff makes me feel pretty much ill.

I've been to the doctor this morning and he told me that I need a little break, restore myself, relax and bla bla bla.

You know how much I love my blog and my model carreer and I don't want to ending, I've take a decision that will change a little big this blog.

Since I don't have so much time to write short or longer descriptions of each new releases, I've decided to publish only the pictures of the new releases and a short styling card just to let you know what kind of stuff I'm wearing so you can easily find them.

This is an hard decision but, you know, is better than ending definetly this blog that will be much more sad!

I hope you will understand and you will keep follow my dear blog!!!

Thank you so much for your attention and...keep your eyes open 'cause I'm going to make some posts right now with some amazing new releases for this summer season!!!

Love you all!!



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