**DD Style** New Collection

**DD Style** comes out with a new and amazing Spring / Summer collection!
This is only a little preview but , as you can see, some fab dresses and complete outfit are waiting for you!

Yes, because the **DD Style** brand offers a complete bunch of amazing outfit, from the accesories to the shoes and amazing combinations of elegant and casual that are the icon of this brand.

I always admired the fantasy of Dadina but also the amazing idea of a "complete" outfit, all signed DD Style.

In this picture I've made a mix and macth of two different but similar outfits from the new collection. I've choose to mix the Gloria and the Isabel one, both fab!

And yes, the DD Style Spring / Summer collection is also for you boy: you will find a man's section with a bounch of amazing releases also for you :)

Visit ** DD Style** mainstore ;)


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