Baiastice - Spring collection

We all know that the spring season is just arrived and.. the designers are fighting for releasing as soon as they can their spring collection before summer comes.

Here's the amazing, elegant, casual , sexy and fab new spring collection from Baiastice!

I was speachless when I saw the preview of it, the colors are amazing and each dress/outfit is gorgeous and perfect for this season!

We all know that in spring the pastel colors reign above the others and the new spring collection from Baiastice play with this.

Dress in pastel and great colors, most of them with sculpted pieces.

From sexy mini body suits to elegant dresses but... also accessories!!!

Yes, that's right! This spring collection from Baiastice is not focalized only to the dresses and outfits in general but also in the accessories :
I fell in love with the Foulards.

The are so perfectly done and with an amazing spring / summer texture!

And what about the jewerly set?? amazing!

I'm showing you the Reale one but you will find more and all fab!

The dress I'm showing you today are:
Thithee bodysuit, Themi dress, Nereide short version, Horai dress and Demetra dress.

But is not finish!!!

A new hair has just released always from Baiastice and always from the spring collection:
Wind hair roses are the perfect mix of the warm spring's wind and the roses , symbol of the reborn nature.

You can find the Wind hair with different roses colors, just choose and grab yours if you want to follow the trend of this year.

Visit Baiastice mainstore, there's still too much to discover.

Don't miss it.


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