!VA! Halloween is coming....

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Booooh!!!! Halloween is coming and !VA! knows it.
Vanity Hair has just released two amazing pair of hair for this Halloween 2010!
Hare Hare HP and Haunted are soo glam and perfect for your Halloween Costume but, why not, also for everyday life.

In the Haunted pack you will find also a cute and so elegant set of head jewel + earrings that you can change into several colors.
I've choose the red so I can match them with my bloody lipstick.. yummy!
So, if you want to make your halloween a GLAMOURween visit !VA! mainstore and get yours!!!

LeeZu! Un Robe

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I LOOOOOVE this new release from LeeZu!
Un Robe is simply fab! An entire sculpted dress with large sleeves and gems that you will die for.
The dots texture make it freshy and the colors are amazing, you can choose yours from 5 different colors, all stunning.
I have to say that even if the dress is fully sculpted it fit very well and you will not have any sort of problems.
I think that this dress is uniquless and you cannot miss it!
Visit LeeZu mainstore! ♥

Style Card:

Hair: !*Bliss Hair*! Rhonda Hair (Vanille/Caviar)

Jewels: Donna Flora - Ilde set

Skin: *REDGRAVE* Trinity - Pale

Shoes: [PM]Pixel Mode : Baby T's - Plain - Silver

Pose: Manifeste

Donna Flora Jewels

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Ok, this is an entire post dedicate to Donna Flora's jewels! ( yayyy )
You already know that I love them so much and I always use them in my photos that I also post in the blog!
I've recieved a tons of IM asking me "where have you found those amazing set of jewels you are wearing in your photos?" and this is the answer: Donna Flora!
I think that there aren't so many designers that are able to realistically recreate a set of jewels as Donna Flora does.
When you will see them you will certainly scream "OMG, are you sure they aren't real?".

The Donna Flora's creativity is always incredible, she's able to recreate a huge selection of jewels and none will look like the last one!
Inside some pack of jewels you will find the possibility to change the color of gems, flowers etc so that you can match them easily with the color of the outfit you're wearing.
I was simply speachless when a saw the "Dreamer" set ( the first photo ). If you have an accurate look to the cammeo you will see that the wonderful face of doll will blink at you!

Donna Flora has also recently participate to the Jewelry Fair 2010 and you will find all this incredible set in her mainstore!
I can talk for hours of Donna Flora's jewerly but I know that I can be boring eheheh :D
I promise you that soon I will post others photos of those incredible set!
So stay tuned, visit Donna Flora mainstore and be fab!

Set I'm wearing in this post:

1. Donna Flora - Dreamer set

2. Donna Flora - Linda set

3. Donna Flora - Beauty set

Fellini Couture

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Yes.. another two and stunning new creations from Fellini Couture!!
Hibiscus and Poem gown are so amazing! I just love them!
The Hibiscus gown is an inspiration from the french designer Christian Lacroix and you will love it!
The colors are really impressive and flashy, the details are as always really gorgeous and you cannot say that this dress is not simply unique!

And you will die also for the newest release, Poem!
This dress is so sweet and delicated. The flowers, the pearls, the soft design will let you speachless. It's amazing in all its parts.
All the Fellini Couture counts of an impressive creativity and softness, you will feel sourrounded by a mystical power that makes your dreams comes true ♥
Visit Fellini Couture.

Indyra Originals - Sienna

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Indyra Originals has a new release for you! ( and it's really amazing!)
The new Sienna dress is soo sexy and lovely! You will find it in different colors but you will fall in love with each of them.
I also want to show you the new boots from Coquette Noir - Augustine.
They are simply amazing, with an incredible leather texture and they can be matched easily with all your casual outfits.
You will find all this stuff in the Indyra Originals Mainstore, don't miss them!

Hair: Tukinowaguma Velox Ebony

Skin: *REDGRAVE* Pale Skin --Trinity--

Earrings: Donna Flora BARBARA earrings


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October is the month dedicated to the breast cancer research
some SL designers are collaborating on a project related to a RL association :

Among the many initiatives one of them is create a pink dress or stuff and put them on sale, the 50% of the proceeds will go to this association,
and this is the **DD Style** contribution to this amazing project: two amazing outfit and pink boots that are really amazing!

Jungle Pink Lady and Savage Pink Girl are available in **DD Style** Mainstore and don't forget that the 50% of the proceeds will go to the SUSAN G KOMEN FOUNDATION!

This is an incredible set that you cannot miss mostly 'cause you're doing a good action for a good reason and you will also grab an amazing outfit and... there's nothing better!

-AZUL- Laetitia

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An unbelievable new release from AZUL : Laetitia!
This is a stunning dress that I'd choose in Jade color ( one of my favourites with the red one ) and I love it so much!
The Jade color is delicate and with a great highlights that feel as you are wearing a gorgeous satin dress.
The gown is incredible, it make you look so elegant and raffinate!
I also think that this dress has an oriental style! The jacket with gold decoration give a touch of extremely class to this amazing creation!
Visit -AZUL- Mainstore, choose your color and be fabulous with Laetitia! ♥

PXL - Candy & Dafne

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Today I would like to introduce you the amazing skin from PXL!
Recently PXL has released two new line and they are really incredible!
At first I would like to talk about the Candy set: this is a glamour and really chic skin, available in different tones and a huge set of makeup choise.
The thing I mostly like in PXL set is the various options that you can choose for create your own style. In fact you can choose from different tones of eyebrows, freckles option, cleavage and so on!
The makeup choise is really stunning and soo huge that I would only like to show you my favourites ones but they are all amazing and perfect for every occasion :)

The Dafne set is more delicated and really sweet: I really love the face expression in this skin, it makes you feel like a sweet doll inside a sexy woman body.
Also here you can choose from different options and makeups and also here I have to say that they are all stunning!

The Dafne skin is available in 4 different tones and I love each one of them!
Also here I'm showing you the ones I love!

So, visit PXL Creations Mainstore , grab yours and be unique!!! ♥

Donna Flora - Lulu and Lara set

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After the incredible Fall Collection 2010, Donna Flora has just released an amazing lingerie set that you will die for!
Lulu is a vintage and really sexy lingerie. The pink color of this set give a sense of sweetness to the lady who will decide to wear it, the fur attachment in the bottom of the jacket is simply stunning and really sexy at the same time! And what about the sculpted pants? so gorgeous!
As I already told you, Donna Flora is the masterpiece of the vintage style and you can recognize the great talent of this creative brand also in the new lingerie line :)
I match to the Lulu set the new Jewerly creation always from Donna Flora that you will find also in the Jewelry Fair 2010 that will open the door to the public in a few days

You know that I always fall in love with each jewerly creations from Donna Flora, maybe 'cause I've never seen something so realistic in all my SL experience. Sometimes you're not able to tell if it's a RL or SL creation.
The Lara set includes a beautiful and decorated necklace with perls and gems trough an elaborated design, earrings, and at least but not at least a beautiful ring.
A complete parure that you absolutely cannot miss..
And Donna Flora made also a huge set for the Jewelry Fair 2010 and I absolutely reccomend you to visit her store!
Visit Donna Flora Mainstore and also Donna Flora at Jewerly Fair 2010

Fellini Couture - Elegance gown

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Another incredible release from Fellini Couture: Elegance.
A stunning dress made in white silk and black lace with a touch of retrĂ² that make it really unique :)
The sculpty gown and veil are incredible, I love them so much 'cause they are good defined and also really originals.
To complete this amazing ensemble of haute couture a stunning hat and gloves in black lace!
What else can I say, simply fab!
And don't forget the new Lingerie line from Fellini Couture:

Satine is a reallyy sexy and lovely lingerie set.
Ispired by Mouline Rouge, it carry inside the pure spirit of the lovely Paris!
As always the details are amazing and you ( and also your partner :P ) will love it!!
Visit Fellini Couture Mainstore

Anubis Style - Diorsis

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Today I would like to show you another amazing piece from the Anubis Style Fall Collection 2010.
The Diorsis dress is an extremely delicate dress with an amazing texture!
I really love the contrast between the black and white but also the flowers color.
The gown is soft and elegant with an asymetric cut that make it also a little bit casual.
The flower scarf that fall gently in the chest is so detailed and really gorgeous, it give to the dress a touch of softness.
I choose to match it with !VA! Tiffany hair and Redgrave Trinity skin in paper tone which has a great make up that fit perfectly with the theme of the dress!
And this is the result!
If you want to have a look to the entire Anubis Fall Collection 2010 visit the mainstore and grab your favourite one!

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