Donna Flora Jewels

Ok, this is an entire post dedicate to Donna Flora's jewels! ( yayyy )
You already know that I love them so much and I always use them in my photos that I also post in the blog!
I've recieved a tons of IM asking me "where have you found those amazing set of jewels you are wearing in your photos?" and this is the answer: Donna Flora!
I think that there aren't so many designers that are able to realistically recreate a set of jewels as Donna Flora does.
When you will see them you will certainly scream "OMG, are you sure they aren't real?".

The Donna Flora's creativity is always incredible, she's able to recreate a huge selection of jewels and none will look like the last one!
Inside some pack of jewels you will find the possibility to change the color of gems, flowers etc so that you can match them easily with the color of the outfit you're wearing.
I was simply speachless when a saw the "Dreamer" set ( the first photo ). If you have an accurate look to the cammeo you will see that the wonderful face of doll will blink at you!

Donna Flora has also recently participate to the Jewelry Fair 2010 and you will find all this incredible set in her mainstore!
I can talk for hours of Donna Flora's jewerly but I know that I can be boring eheheh :D
I promise you that soon I will post others photos of those incredible set!
So stay tuned, visit Donna Flora mainstore and be fab!

Set I'm wearing in this post:

1. Donna Flora - Dreamer set

2. Donna Flora - Linda set

3. Donna Flora - Beauty set


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