Happy BDAY to meee!!!

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YAYYYY , and happy birthday to meee!!!
23 years since now, I'm getting old I know :D
Kisses to everyone! I think I will be off today so see you tomorrow

Redgrave - Avie Fairy

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Yes, another new and amazing original release from Redgrave for the Vanity Skin Fair 2011! Avie is a gorgeous work inspired by the Faireys and fantasy creatures.

I loved it at first sight also because I think that this is the most original theme for a skin that I've ever seen. We always see skin that can be used in everyday life and some of them are not so uniques, Avie born with the idea to be different and unique and this fact makes it really fascinate and gorgeous.

The makeup bundle counts 16 differents makeup absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I so love the fantasy makeup Redgrave made for this set and you can choose to wear each makeup with brown or light eyebrows. The skin infact comes with a tatto hairbase in powder color but you can also wear the Avie skin with a pair of brown hair and eyebrows.

There are also some extra features you can find to add a final touch to the Avie skin: infact you can find two different breast enhancer ( both tattoo and undershirt layer ), a tattoo hairbase as I told you before in Powder color, a pair of long and fantasy nails, two lipstick color in tattoo layer ( orange and cherry color ) two fantasy eyes in darker color with eyelashes and a pair of long curly powder hair!

After the Vanity Skin Fair 2011 you will find the Avie skin and features in Redgrave mainstore and stay tuned because two more new releases are coming out soon!

Visit Vanity Skin Fair 2011 and Redgrave mainstore!

Fellini Couture - Belle de Rose

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Fellini Couture is working hard on the new collection and, after a break of approximately a pair of weeks, here we are with a new and fab gown: Belle de Rose.

This gown is so soft, elegant and really romantic, I loved it at first sight.
The pale color recalls the softness dreams, the romantic golden age and the wide gown the '700 th where luxury and elegance were the key words.
The silk top is decorated with some golden flowers and the same texture is used in the front part of the gown.

The gloves and the hat complete this amazing dress that is simply breathless.

Visit Fellini Couture mainstore and let your dream comes true.

- Glam Affair - Mary

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Finally the so desired new skin from -Glam Affair- is out and is available in the Skin Fair!

The Skin Fair 2011 counts of 46 most popular skin brands in SL with some great and amazing new releases, some of them made appositely for the event, others coming from the new skin collection available also in their mainstores.

I went there some days ago after a huge collection of tp failed caused for the full land issue and, when I came there I was "ejected" 'cause I was wearing over 50 script.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, you have to be very carefull : If you are wearing over 50 scripts you will be ejected from the sim. You may return but will continue to be ejected until you go below 50. If you want to visit the Skin Fair 2011 you have to remove your scripted items before leaving home.

Anyway, let's talk about the amazing new release from -Glam Affair-:
I was so waiting for it,
I had a preview and I was enchanted by the design of Mary.

The set comes with 12 different make up (all stunning) 5 tones from the lighter to the darker one, 3 options of eyebrows color ( so blondie girls, here's also your turn to have a great skin with brows that you can easily match with your hair color) and the possibility to wear it with or w/o hairbase option.

Only one word to describe this skin: FANTABULOUS!

You can find the Mary skin in the Skin Fair which is going on from 20th February until the 6th of March 2011!

After you will find the Mary skin also in -Glam Affair- Mainstore!

Don't miss it!
Here's the LIMO if you want to have a look in the Vanity Skin Fair 2011!

LeeZu! BDSM Collection

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I was just speachless when I saw the new incredible collection from LeeZu!
An entire collection dedicated to the BDSM Style: latex, lace, aggressive outfits with all kind of accessories for the woman who love the BDSM and sensual style.

The collection counts of 7 different dresses avaiable in red and black color.

What is BDSM?
Bondage and Discipline, Domination and submission, Sadomasochism.

Power, humiliation, and pleasure. BDSM is derived from the terms Bondage and Discipline (B&D, B/D, or BD), Domination and submission (D&s, D/s, or Ds), Sadism and Masochism (S&M, S/M, or SM).

It is an personal, erotic, unequal lifestyle choice or a type of role play between consensual people.
It is based on the concept where each partner undertakes a role such as the Top or Dominant- who is the controlling partner, the Bottom or Submissive - who is the controlled partner or a Switch- a reversal of the roles with each other.
There are also many disparate subcultures that lay under the BDSM definition.

This collection is strong, hard, sexy and also glamour!
I really love all the accessories and textures LeeZu used for these outfits.

I really suggest you to visit this amazing new releases from LeeZu Mainstore!

A new year, a new collection and a new side of you is coming out soon too!

Be yourself with LeeZu!

Vanity Hair - New releases

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Vanity Hair has a bounch of amazing new releases!
8 new and fab styles to choose from and each style is simply glamour!

Bonetta, Gala, Graceful, Innocent, Kaos, Marlene, Pin Up, Woopsie
you will love them at first sight!!!

From the glamour to the avantgarde, classic and 50' style, aggressive.. all you're searching for is in this new collection.

The hair style colors are pretty much natural and
they fit perfectly with all kind of hairbase but you will find also the Vanity Hair hairbase so you can match them with your favourite hairstyle and color.

I really suggest you to visit Vanity Hair mainstore.

Grab yours.

-AZUL- Serene MVW2011/Miss HongKong

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The MVW experience has been so wonderful for me and also for the other contestants and I surely know that we will keep in our hearts this journey forever.
-Azul- has recently released the MVW2011/Miss HongKong gown ( winner of the competition ) called Serene as the new MVW 2011 winner Serene Faith.
When I first saw this gown in the final competition I found it really simple but gorgeous. I love the sinuous form and the amethyst color I choose is so vibrant and fabulous.
The two kind of textures, lace and silk, make this dress really unique and raffinate.

You will love the mermaid gown and the long sleeves that make it seems an oriental and really elegant dress.

You will find Serene in other different colors and you will love them.

Visit -Azul- Mainstore.

Fellini Couture - Wild

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I'm back :) Thank you so much for your support and for being so kindly patience :)

I would like to show you one of the most beautiful new releases from Fellini Couture.
is an amazing and gorgeous gown, I so love Fellini's fantasy and in this new dress is shown in a great form!

I really love the African style and I so love the idea of the mini zoo in the back of the skirt.

A tiger, an elephant and a giraffe surrounded by a magnifical green forest with feathers and leaf!

Some orange and really gorgeous butterflies on the chest and a branch sorround it giving to this dress a great touch of styling and ethnic.

I really suggest you to visit Fellini Couture and make yours this beautiful gown!

Wild is waiting for you!

Inactive for some days

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I would like to inform my readers and designers that I will not blog stuff and new releases for some days due to a big loss in my family and health problems.

If you sent me your creations please try to be patients, I promise you that I will come back stronger than ever and blog everything I got in this past days :)

Thank you for your attentions and comprehension.

Kisses to all of you.

Angels ♥

S.Valentine's Day!!!!

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The Valentine's Day is coming and is full of amazing releases !!!!!!!
In this post I will show you some new creations dedicated to this wonderful day!
Gizza, Vanity Hair, GK made some wonderful stuff that you will certanly use also in the other special days you will have alone or with your love.

The Gizza set is simply stunning, I love the pink and romantic color of this dress combined witht the soft white.

The hair from Vanity hair are perfect for this outfit and they recall the hearts , symbol of this beautiful lovers day.

The new GK collection combined with this amazing dress are gorgeous! Gold and red , color of passion, lovely shapes and gems.. you will love them for sure at first sight.

Visit Gizza, Vanity Hair and GK Mainstore!!

My Precious - Rosaline

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You know that I fall in love each time I see a wonderful romantic dress and today I would like to show you a brand which has the best elegant and romantic store dresses ever!
My Precious has recently released a gorgeous and stunning dress called Rosaline.

I so love this dress, is simply amazing and so elegant!

This dress is the perfect combination between the elegant and the romantic style, the sculpted and the flexy design.

The roses embellish with a soft and glamour touch this outstanding creation that you will find in three different colors.

Inside My Precious mainstore you will find all kind of dresses for a romantic, sensual, glamour night with your love :)

Visit My Precious mainstore

Agy Secret

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Today I would like to spend some word for a new and outstanding brand: Agy Secret.
This brand comes from the idea of one of the most talented model on the grid, Agtaope Carter.
I was speachless when I saw the entire collection, she made a lot's of wonderful and colored outfits and each one of them has in itself the knowledge of a true professional model and a great taste for style.

I love the textures and colors she used for the collection, and the fantasy is absolutely fab!

I'm showing you three of my favourites dress from Agy Secret : Patchouli Boomboom, Loulou Looping and Rita Cadillac.

I think they are really impressive and I have to say GOOD JOB AGYYY!!!!

I really suggest you to visit and have a look to the Agy Secret mainstore!

Donna Flora

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Donna Flora has recently released some new and outstanding set of jewerly!
You know how much I love Donna Flora's jewels and today I show you the 4 new sets Squinternet made available in the jewerly section of Donna Flora Mainstore : Cati , Misty in platinum and gold and Lella!

I continue to strongly support that Donna Flora's jewels are absolutely the most realistic ones I've ever seen!
From the texture to the shape of gems, each set will enchant you!
This four new sets are extremely well done, classic and chic. You will love them for sure!

I'm always spellbound in front of shuch skill and manufacture!

Inside most of the sets you will find also a hud that allows you to change color to gems and pearls and also resize them so they can fit perfectly on you :)

Imagination, charme, elegance and seduction are the key words for these wonderful new sets.
Donna Flora has also a great taste for the vintage style and you will find amazing dress ispired by the '20th, 50th and you will feel as a DIVA!

I really suggest you to have a look inside this amazing store, it really deserve!

Visit Donna Flora!

♥ Valentine's Hunt ! ♥

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From Sunday February 6th until Tuesday February 15th there's an amazing and fantastic Valentine's Hunt !

Find the 6 hearts and you'll get
- The gown
- The hair (Fat pack 15 colors)
- The necklace
- 3 face tattoos (each in 5 differents colors)

(Full Outfit for 1000L$ Only)

Bring to you by Fellini Couture, Gems & Kisses, Plume & [White~Widow]

Go and find your items!

Plume - new releases

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If you're looking for amazing hairstyle, with a super kool set of accessories and colors to chose from, then Plume is for you!
Plume has recently released three new hairstyle , all fab: Nymphea I , Nymphea II and TuttiFrutti!
Today I'm showing you only one of the Nymphea hairstyle and the TuttiFrutti one in platinum color!

All the hairpieces colors can be changed via script and you can also ersize them!
Inside the TuttiFrutti pack you will also find a set of cute earrings representing all kind of fruits...really yummy!
I really suggest you to visit Plume Mainstore!

Fellini Couture - Daisy

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Another fresh, amazing new release from Fellini Couture!
With the change of the season Fellini Couture created a gown called "Daisy" that I've matched with the fabulous "Spring" hair from *Plume*!!
Daisy is a fabulous gown made all in sculpted pieces that recalls the beautiful spring season with the yellow color of the texture, the daisy flowers and the dragonflies that adorne this creation.

This dress is simple but really elegant and outstanding!

I really suggest you to visit also the
*Plume* mainstore where you will find some amazing hairstyle that you can easily match also with some of the beautiful gown from Fellini Couture.


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S.Valentine day is coming and Son!a has some new outfits for this beautiful day dedicated to the lovers.
From lingerie to the sophisticated outfits such as elegant gows, Son!a made a wonderful job and each dress is stunning.

I'm showing you my favourites ones from this lastes new release: Aisha, Lamia, Valentine's Bouquet dress and the London dress.

I have to admit that the fantasy of this dresses is amazing, the flower are all over and they give a softness and delicated touch to all of them.

The colors are soft and really gorgeous, from the gold to the tourquise and red passion you will find your perfect dress for your romantic Valentine's day.

Visit Son!a Mainstore

Violator - some amazing new releases

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Im back with a bounch of amazing new releases for you!!!!
Today I will post some goodies from the amazing store VIOLATOR!

Yes, because VIOLATOR doesn't create only amazing fashionable outfits but... nw you will find also an amazing jewelry and make up collection!

Today I'm showing you my favourites ones fro
m both collections!
The jewels are simply stunning!!!!!!

You will find them in different colors but I have to say that they are really glamour, stylish and also uniques!

Both flexy and sculpted you wil fall in love with each design!
And what about the amazing make up tattoo collection??? fab!!!

I so love the choise of the vibrant and pastel colors, the fantasy of the design and also the possibility to wear your favourite make up with the matched eyelashes!
Sound amazing right?

I really suggest you to visit this amazing brand , you will ind all you need for being always amazing. fabulous and unique!

Visit Violator Mainstore

Styling Card:

Violator-Boheme Sauvage-Silver Black-Jewelry Set

Violator-Leash Me Up Gold/Black-Jewelry Set by SVaher

Violator-Rametti Di Pesco-Jewelry Set 1

Violator-Voyeur-Make Up Set-Green Black-by SVaher

Violator-What's Left of Paradise-Make Up Set-Azure Parrot

Violator-I See You II-Make Up Set-Electric Purple
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