Agy Secret

Today I would like to spend some word for a new and outstanding brand: Agy Secret.
This brand comes from the idea of one of the most talented model on the grid, Agtaope Carter.
I was speachless when I saw the entire collection, she made a lot's of wonderful and colored outfits and each one of them has in itself the knowledge of a true professional model and a great taste for style.

I love the textures and colors she used for the collection, and the fantasy is absolutely fab!

I'm showing you three of my favourites dress from Agy Secret : Patchouli Boomboom, Loulou Looping and Rita Cadillac.

I think they are really impressive and I have to say GOOD JOB AGYYY!!!!

I really suggest you to visit and have a look to the Agy Secret mainstore!


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