-AZUL- Serene MVW2011/Miss HongKong

The MVW experience has been so wonderful for me and also for the other contestants and I surely know that we will keep in our hearts this journey forever.
-Azul- has recently released the MVW2011/Miss HongKong gown ( winner of the competition ) called Serene as the new MVW 2011 winner Serene Faith.
When I first saw this gown in the final competition I found it really simple but gorgeous. I love the sinuous form and the amethyst color I choose is so vibrant and fabulous.
The two kind of textures, lace and silk, make this dress really unique and raffinate.

You will love the mermaid gown and the long sleeves that make it seems an oriental and really elegant dress.

You will find Serene in other different colors and you will love them.

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