Bloom Doll

Ok, I have to say that I've a secret....

Even if I'm a model and I "have" to be always perfect, in a stylish mood, trying to be the more elegant I can and bla bla bla, inside me there's also another part..we can say that is the "funny and extravagant" one.

Sometimes I'm able to keep it secret but.... sometimes, I just need to put it out!

When I saw this Bloom doll avi, well.... my funny and crazy part came out and..this is the result!!!!!!!!!

I just love this kind of avi, I think that is always a sort of "alternative style" and always a form of art and expression of ourself.
I cannot resist to buy it and is soooo cuteee, isn't it????? :D
The Bloom Doll are amazing, you can find them in different styles and you can also collect them :D

They are inspired by the RL Blythie doll that I soo love ( need to collect almost one of them ) and when I saw that there was also a SL tyle of this doll, I totally went crazy!

The Bloom Doll has different options : you can change the color of your eyes into different tones, you can choose to wear eyelashes and you can also choose to open or close your eyes.
Inside the pack you will find also 5 "doll" poses, two different shapes, a skin and the sculpted / scripted head.

More Bloom Dolls are coming soon and I'm pretty sure that I will collect all of them!!!
And you?? which Bloom Doll reflect your style???

Visit Surf Co. Mainstore , and collect them!


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