Vanity Hair

You how much I love Vanity Hair creations and today I would like to show you an amazing hairstyle made by Tabata Jewell, ower of the brand, for the Little Big Shop Event that will begin April 15 to develop cooperation between established designers and SL newcomers!

Bubbles is an amazing and really original hairstyle! Fully sculpted, the bubbles in cyan color are cute and make a really chich ensamble.

Inside the Bubbles hair pack you will find also two tattoo layers: one with the matching hairbase and the other one with hairbase and the cute make up I'm showing you in the photo! Isn't it amazing?

Keep talking of tattoo layers, Visage has an amazing new release : Glim!
It's available in different colors but I've decided to wear it in the Blue version so I can match it with my new Vanity Hair , YAY!

You can find Visage makeup inside the Vanity Hair mainstore since also this brand born by the expert han of Tabata!

Visit Vanity Hair mainstore, full also of amazing new releases!


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