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Bomb! is a great shop where you can find all the stuff you need for a casual and aggressive style.
They are very cute and cheaper, with a great desing and you will love each of them!
the dress I'm showing you is the Sexy Mini Dress in White and in star pattern. It's really gorgeous and you will rock for sure with it!
And what about the accessories??

Here's an example of what you will find inside this amazing shop, accessories for a rock style!
From belt, to bracelets and necklaces, this shop is full of great stuff!

Outfit: Bomb ! - Sexy Mini Dress -White-

Bomb ! - Sexy Mini Dress - White - Star


*booN FTN683 hair black

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Accesories: Bomb! - Mixed Pearls YingYang And Skull

Bomb! - Basic Pearls Shape 1

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