Fellini Couture - Christmas Couture gown

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Fellini Couture has an amazing release for this Christmas holidays!!! The Christmas Couture gown is really impressive and I have to say that this gown is one of my favourites ( maybe 'cause is full of cuties polar bears *-* ).

The dress has the same color of the Winter and Xmas Holidays, red and white are the massive colors for this gorgeous gown.

As always , this dress is full of details: from the polar bears ( gosh I love them ♥ ) to the red bowls and stars that make it so unique and so perfect for the incoming winter season.

I think you will love it and if you're searching the perfect gown for the perfect holidays without an "usual" appear I really suggest you to buy this incredible gown!

So visit Fellini Couture mainstore and make yours ♥

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Sui Mode at: 30 November 2010 at 09:18 said...

That's great Angels..

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