Anubis Style

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Anubis Style, an italian brand with high class of dresses extended from casual to elegant will let you speachless with their lastests releases!
Rayen is a really cute dress with colored dots, open shirt with a little ribbon, prim sleeve and much more and you will find it in two amazing color: Agua and Rose.
You will feel so lovely in it.

And for the ones who loves the sexy and elegant style, here's River.
Have you ever imagine to wear a dress made by water ? well, now you can!
This fab dress is simply in its design, with a great and elaborated skirt that will give you the sensation that a thousand drops of water shead around your body.
You will find all these amazing creations in the Anubis Style mainstore, and more are coming ;)

ESTRAVAGANZA - Heart of gold

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A new and amazing release from ESTRAVAGANZA by Traveller Bade and Estrelia Guisse.
Heart of Gold is an elegant and really sophisticated dress, a masterpiece of luxury.
The golden decorations are simply amazing and follow the body forming a sexy and elegant shape.
The particular skirt is fab and really original and you will love it.
When I wear it I feel as a greece goddess!
You will find in the ESTRAVAGANZA Mainstore and you will aldo find more new releases and they are all beautiful!

Bliss Couture - 50 % Sale

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Another big and amazing 50 % SALE!!!!

Bliss Couture adds signature glamour to the fashion summer season with a Members Appreciation Sale. July will be a time to remember and they start an exceptional promotion on the complete collection of the luxury label that will be on sale with a 50% off.

The Members Appreciation Sale begane Saturday June 26th and ends on Sunday July 4th and it's only in the Bliss Couture's flagship store.
The Bliss Couture's hot summer is starting with a great chance to buy to an incredible price the musts of the season, like the lace outfits, the new precious gowns or the colorful cocktail dresses, the timeless signature's pieces or maybe your favourite outfit ever in that particular shade that matches your accessories.

Don't miss this opportunity! Run and catch them :D

TK - The King of Shoes

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Are you looking for a great pair of shoes, with a tons of different style that you can match with your best outfits? ok, so I suggest you to visit TK - The King of Shoes.
This brand offers to you a great selection of cute shoes, with a lot of different style and colors.

All the shoes comes with an hud that allows you to change the skin color, size, nails color and much more.
Choose your best style!
And one pair of amazing shoes are coming in TK Mainstore: Fairy

A jewelled shoes, with diamonds for your best golden night! Don't miss them and stay tuned ;)

LeeZu! Ten for 50K Contest

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Yayy time for a great contest!
LeeZu has been very busy fixing things up in the store and she decided to take some photos of the changes! There's only one problem. She can't remember what the photos are or where she took them. Come help her find the places where she took the photos so that she can get organized again.


You MUST have [LeeZu!] in your picks to qualify for the contest. Here's how to do it:

Go to the LeeZu Main Store and right click yourself and then left click on "Profile"

Click on the "Picks" tab in the list of profile tabs. It should be the 4th tab.

Click the "New" button. A new pick will be added to your profile. The image, title and description should be filled in already. No need to edit any of it!

Click the "2nd Life" tab. It should be the 1st tab in the list. At the bottom of the "2nd Life" tab, there's a checkbox marked "Show in search". Make sure this box has a check mark in it. If there's no check mark, just click the box to add one. Then just left click the "OK" button.

There is no purchase necessary to enter this contest.

You will find in the LeeZu! Mainstore the sign that will give you all the infos you need to participate to this amazing contest. What do you have to do? Just dentify where in the store the photo was taken and what the photo is of. You will find all the 10 photos in the notecard given by the sign.

List your answers (1 - 10) on a notecard titled "LeeZu Ten for 50k - your name" and pass the completed notecard to Barbara Nicholls. All correct answers will be put into a draw for cash prizes. Winners will be randomly chosen using a number generator. The contest will run from June 25th to July 15th with the winners announced on July 16th.

DON'T FORGET... you MUST have [LeeZu!] in your picks to qualify. If your entry is chosen and we are not in your picks, we will choose another winner. Good luck to everyone!

GK - Gems & Kisses

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I would like to introduce you this amazing jewel store: GK.
GK is a brand with high quality of jewels, nails, accessories and all you need to be always perfect in all your style!
Recently GK has renovate their mainstore with a lot of incredible new stuff!
One of them is the Chen set: a sexy rings choker surround and follow the neck gently, same thing for the bangles which you can match with a sexy, elegant or casual outfit.And another amazing release just come out in GK store: the VENDETTA nails

extremely long for a sexy style, diamond that surround the top, they comes with or w/o rings and with an hud that allows you to change the nails into 8 amazing colors.
I really suggest to go there and have a look to this amazing new releases, you will not regret it.

Angel Dessous - Patty

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Is time for a new release also for Angel Dessous!
Patty is a fresh and sweet dress, available in different colors ( I'm wearing the yellow one ), the design is simple but very effective, I really love how this dress follows the body with such a sweet movement and the "empire" skirt is just amazing and perfect for this summer.
Inside the folder you will find a really lovely set of jewels ( necklace and bangles ) in diamonds of the same color of the dress.
If you want to follow this summer trend, you want to be sexy but elegant, you want to feel as an empire princess, well Patty is waiting for you in Angel Dessous Mainstore. As my Mimmi says: if you miss it, you're fool!

Bomb ! Angel Skin

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Do you want a sunny or tanned skin? Bomb ! has recently released a new line called Angel.
You will find this skin in 3 different tones. Smoky make up and glossy lip stick, hairbase , cute body definition, choose your best one and get ready for this summer!

Skin: Bomb ! - Angel Skin - Vol.1 -

Bomb ! - Angel Skin - Vol.2 -

Bomb ! - Angel Skin - Vol.3 -

Hair: TRUTH Anise - black & whites

TRUTH Leona - black & whites


Swimsuit: [LeeZu!] Boho Bikini /pink

[LeeZu!] Boho Bikini /yellow

[LeeZu!] Boho Bikini /blue

Pose: Manifeste / LAP

LeeZu! Boho bikini

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SUMMERRRR!!! Sun, beach, sea and ... bikini!
LeeZu! released for this hot summer a great bikini set, Boho!
Hot and warm colors, sculpted ruffles for a stylish touch, a beautiful pareo if you want to walk in the beach or near the sea, this swimwear is perfect !!
You will find it in 4 amazing colors, you will love each of them. They are unique in their style, I really love the ruffles above the top and the pareo!

Run and take them before Barbie get yours too ;)

Baiastice - Camilla shoes

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I've already told you that I'm a shoes addicted?? well.. yes, I'm definetly one of them!
Baiastice released a new and amazing shoes line, Camilla.
I love them at the first sight 'cause they are cute, elegant, and so imaginative!
You will find Camilla shoes in a tons of differents colors and each of them are simply gorgeous, the vibrant colors are perfect for this summer.
I really love the heel of this shoes, I think it's one of my favourites: in fact the shape is so original and follows the fashion trend of this year and is embellished with buttons, diamonds and various accessories that make it unique.

I know, I know, you fall in love with them too!
Where you can find them? off course in Baiastice Manistore! Run and take it!

:: Alatiel Fashions :: The Little Backpack

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Here's a new and fab summer collection from :: Alatiel Fashions :: !
The Little BackPack is a collection inspired by a country - chic style, a small wardrobe for both men and women with denim, linen and fresh fabrics that make it perfect fitting a backpack for a summer trip on the road.
Colored, classy , casual, you will find all you need, from the separates where you can combinate your own style, to the new shoes collection that includes a cute cowboy boots to match with your country style.
So go and have a look to the new and renovated :: Alatiel Fashions :: mainstore, you will not regret it.

Outfit: :: Alatiel Fashions :: country top white

Hair: Miamai_Anna Bun

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Outfit: :: Alatiel Fashions :: Hannah

Hair: .+*Miho*+.Cream&Brown MiraiStyle

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Outfit: :: Alatiel Fashions :: I ♥ sparkle rose

Hair: !lamb. Dog Roses - Kit Kat

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Fellini Couture - Orchid

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If you as me love arts, fantasy, oestrus, bright colors, Orchid by Fellini Couture is the perfect dress for you.
Orchid is a dress with unique colors, you'll ride the fantasy in search for the enchanted world that reflects so much beauty.
This dress is simply a masterpiece of art!
The details are amazing, from the beautiful hummingbirds that dancing around the sculpty orchid skirt to the cute hat that gives a touch of class to an outfit of wonderful workmanship!
This dress is available in Fellini Couture Mainstore and I think that you cannot miss it! ♥

LeeZu! LouLita Dress

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Another new release from LeeZu!!!!
LouLita dress is amazing! The gold of the sunlight and the amazing colors of this summer are mixed in this outfit that emanates a warm feeling to the wearer.
The ruffles in the top and in the bottom of the dress are easy to edit and they give a final touch of class to this amazing new summer dress.
You will find LouLita in 5 different colors, I decide to show you my favourite two, black and red, but the others are amazing too!
So, if you want to be in the center of the spotlight and you want to be noticed, go in the LeeZu! Mainstore and don't miss the opportunity to take LouLita in your favourite color!! I've made it, now it's up to you!

Baiastice - Berchida

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Summer is out of the door, sooo, it's time to take off your best summer look!
Baiastice has recently released a new summer collection and it's amazing!
Fresh, colored, ethnic, Berchida is a perfect summer outfit!
The sculpty pants are so cute and well done, with an ethnic texture that represents in the best way the theme of the summer season. You will find it in 5 different pastel colors and you can also choose how to wear it: in fact this outfit can be worn as a sexy and cute swimsuit or with pants a semi sculpty one sleeve shirt.
Choose your best combination and be prepared for this hot and stylish summer 2010!

Outfit: Baiastice_Berchida-azure


Hair: !lamb. Dog Roses - Kit Kat

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Pose: [LAP]


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I believe there is no better season other then summer to celebrate a wedding and AZUL made for the wonderful brides who want to coronate their dream a new Bridal line!
Arabesque Mariage is one of them and it's a fab bridal dress, available in champagne and others 2 colors, and you will fall in love with it at the first sight.
The magical gold decoration that surround the dress, the softness of the gown, the champagne color that give a soft and gentle touch to the dress and veil, all is perfect for celebrate your big day!

And for the casual line there's another new release: Meissa!

A classy and casual dress, in white, purple, pink, mint, lime, gray, blue and beige color.
Fresh and very very cute, this dress in veil and leather is simple but unique in its style.
Don't forget also that -AZUL- is holding 'Miss AZUL 2010 Contest' now!
For all the info you need visit the -AZUL- blog ;)
And don't forget to have a look also to this fantastic new release!


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Time for new a release also for Maitreya: skirts, short trench jackets and summery tops in tons of colors!!
This short trench is so cute and it's available in 12 colors. All the sculpted prim can be resized with a deletable script and they are also copy/mody.
The sculpty skirt, Viento, is available in 10 colors in satin and another 8 colors of a patterned fabric and they are all amazing!
Inside the folder you will find two types of skirt, with and w/o belt. The sculpty belt can change into 10 color and, as the trench, all the sculpty parts are resizable and mod/cop.
I mix my trench and skirt with the "Maitreya Neyya * Toe-cap" in Powder Pink for a final touch to my sexy and elegant look.
You can find the new releases at the entrance and towards the middle of the clothes section and don't forget to have a look also in the Maitreya Gold section , the new Aequus shoes is waiting for you!

Donna Flora

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Donna Flora has recently released some gorgeous dress and jewels!
BALA is a sexy, elegant and cute dress, avaiable in two colors ( tan and orange ) for the woman who's classy inside.
The sculpted ruffles give to this dress an elegant movement and the skirt with flower decoration make this dress so unique and fab!
I decide to match it with the ADELE jewel set in pink coral.

When I saw this amazing set I was speachless! The vibrant color of this gems, the realistic textures, the fab shape and ornaments of this jewels will enchant you!
I have to say it, I've never see a set of jewels more realistic than the Donna Flora ones!
This amazing ADELE set will be released soon, and I think that you cannot miss it!
And another set is coming out soon: ALAIR

Flowers, pearls and diamonds.. the perfect mix for a perfect jewel!
Isn't it fab?!
Keep your eyes open and have a look in the amazing Donna Flora mainstore.

**DD Style**

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Who says that jewels are only for important dresses , well.. wrong way!
**DD Style** by Dadina Dosei have a great new stuff for you girls!
An amazing jewel collection, to match with your best casual style. Studs, metals, diamonds, python, those are the elements that create this amazing new line.
You can choose your favourite accessories in differents tones, you will find them in bronze, brown, black and silver color and you can also choose from different shapes. If you feel classy then I suggest you the diamonds stuff ( the one that I'm showing in the photo ) but if you are a little bit agressive inside then the snake set is for you!
Mix and match your best look!

Jewels: **DDstyle**Silver Jewels

Outfit: **DDstyle**Laura

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Hair: fri. - Jules - Browns

Fellini Couture - Dream

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Have you ever dreamed to be in a fairy tale, show off a beautiful dress and move into a wonderful world. Well.. now is not just a dream, it can be reality!
Fellini Couture has just released a beautiful dress, Dream!
When you wear it you will be submerged in a soft and dreamy light and you will feel as a princess in a fary tail.
The amazing gown surround all the body, making on the back a sort of magical wings of light.
This dress is perfect for a magical night, let your Dream comes true!

Dress: Fellini Couture - Dream

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Hair: Miamai_Anna Bun

Pose: BehaviorBody

Bliss Couture - Amber Gown

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Another amazing gown from Bliss Couture!
Amber gown is simply gorgeous, I really love the vibrant color of this dress that you can find in different and fantastics pastel tones. I'm wearing the pink version of this amazing dress and I love how the pink and the purple color are mixed together.
The lovely skirt is huge and soft and you will love its movements.
I think that this gown is perfect for this summer season and when you will see all this amazing collection the first thing you will able to say will be "wow"!
So, if you want to be classy but in theme to this colored summer, this is the dress for you!
Don't miss it in Bliss Couture mainstore.


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I would like to say a big WELCOME to this new and amazing brand: ESTRAVAGANZA.
Estravaganza is a brand born by the hand of Traveller Bade, already known as the owner of one of the best brand for men "Sartoria Italiana", and his wife (and one of my dearest friend) Estrelia Guisse.
I had the honor to see a preview some months ago of some of their creations and the first thing I thought was that this collection will be amazing, and I was right!
Last saturday Estravaganza has open the door to the public and showed the amazing collection!From casual to elegant, all the outfits are perfect in all their parts. I was speachless when I saw the details and the perfection of the textures and prims.
Another great idea is that all the outfits have the name of a famous song from all the times.
Denim more than words ( 1st pic ) is a sexy denim suit that you can wear with a casual and really defined shirt or just in the sexy denim version. Inside the folder you will find all the layers you need for create your own look.

Romeo&Juliet is an elegant and really gorgeous dress, available in different colors. The body in lace is really amazing and the gown is sexy but extremely elegant at the same time.
All I can suggest you is to visit their mainstore and take a look to this fantastic new brand. You will not regret it!

LeeZu! Oui Oui Shirt

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Another amazing release from LeeZu mainstore!
Oui Oui Shirt is a cute shirt, avaiable in 9 different colors, with a lovely and sexy design:
the shirt in fact falls lightly on the body, leaving the shoulders uncovered, and rests gently in the clavage creating very real and soft folds and the same thing happens in the end of the shirt with an amazing sculpted piece. You can choose to wear it in a simple or sheer version and, as always, you can choose from different layers.
I mix this amazing new release with another fresh creation from LeeZu! Desert Jeans in a unisex version, so boys, you can get it too :D you will find all this stuff in the bargain section in LeeZu Mainstore!
And don't forget to have a look also at the LionSkins store and test the incredible new skin line NOVA!

Shirt: [LeeZu!] Oui Oui Shirt /pink

Pants: [LeeZu!] FEMME Desert Jeans /washed BOXED

Skin: LionSkins NOVA sun 6

Hair: !VA! Tiffany's Black

Shoes: .:ABM:. Creations - Decollette in purple

Pose: Striking Pose

Welcome NOVA!

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LionSkins is proud to announce a new skin line: NOVA.

As Lion says:
'inNOVAtion' - meaning:
1. something new or different introduced
2. introduction of new things or methods
This new skin line is a big innovation from the other ones, when you wear it you can se all the details, from the abs to the back and you can wear it with a lovely and sexy belly piercing.
NOVA comes in four different tones and each tones has 15 different make ups, from the natural to the more sophisticated.

You have also the possibility to wear it in different form:
you can wear it w or w/o the hair base, matt or glossy lip stick and you will find an amazing hair attachments made by the great Tabata Jewell from Vanity Hair.

You will find some differents hair attachments also in Vanity Hair mainstore created especially for this fantastic skin line or for any skin with the hair base option.
More fantastics news will come soon.. so stay tuned! And don't miss this amazing NOVA skin.

{Zaara} 50% SALE!!

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Ok, now.. take a deep breath 'cause I'm going to tell you something that maybe you will feel as unreal: From June 5th to June 13th {Zaara} is holding a 50% off sale!!!!

I saw this amazing news from the {Zaara} blog and I was speachless!
I went there and buy all the stuff I really desired for so many time and I'm so proud of them!
First of all I buy this amazing cream dress called Chaya, is so cute and delicate, it comes with different gowns so you can choose your preferite version and you can also wear it without the flower decoration.
Then I decide to match with it some of the best
{Zaara} jewels:

I think that they are a piece of treasure, so perfect and real! From the shape, to the textures of the metals and pearls, they are a loyal representation of the richest jewels of India.
When I wear them I always feel as an Indian princess!
Then I'd add a final touch to my indian ensamble :

A cute Pashmina in a Ice coffee color, for a wind summer night ;)
As you can see, I really love my indian style 'cause I'm a little bit indian inside and .. Zaara, thank you so much for this amazing sale and for share with us your world, your creativity and your big talent!

Dress: Zaara : Chaya *Lotus*

Head Jewel: Zaara : Nizam Head jewel *white*

Earrings: Zaara : Nizam Jhumka (earing) *white*

Necklace: Zaara : Nizam necklace (long) *white*

Arm band: Zaara : Suvarna Armband

Pashmina: Zaara : Pashmina Shawl *Ice coffee*

Hair: Maitreya Aisha II - Blacks Pack ( for {Zaara} Nizam Jewel )

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Greta (Black Patent)

Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room LE :: Gina 01

:: Alatiel Fashions ::

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Alatiel Fashions, a brand with a huge selection of casual, formal and swimsuit outfits has released recently some new and amazing shoes!
DANGEROUS and GEMS are sculpted shoes, with hud and various colors that you can match with alla your style.
With the hud, made in collaboration with ABM Creations, you have the possibility to change the skin color, turn on and off the heel sound, change the size of your shoes and the nail color.

And, another big news! As each month Alatiel Fashions make for you an incredible June free gift for this special summer that you can find in her mainstore! Don't miss it!

Look # 07

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Today was my "shopping day"! \O/
I went in mainstore and I found an amazing sale!! You will find all the items in the store at a reduced price!
I bought some hair and they are so cute!( You will find the single color pack for a price of 75 l$! )
I also went to have a look in the "dressing room" and , omg , I totally went out of my mind 'cause they have great stuff from the best designers of SL.
I bought the lovely skin from TULI , Gina, for only 65 l and this amazing pair of jeans from R.icielli also this with a cheaper price!
I really suggest you to go there and have a look, you will do your best shopping with a very good price!

Hair: fri. - Melanie.2 - Blonds ( 75 l$ )

Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room LE :: Gina 01 ( 65 l $ )

Necklace: [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Jewelry Set/Cream Gold

Belt: *COCO*_WideBelt_Brown

Jacket: =DeLa*= Short Jacket "Bette" White

Shirt: Freesoul french lace corsage brown

Pants: R.icielli - SHINY minitop/ nude + ETA jeans /fresh

Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Brown Leather

Pose: [LAP]

Fellini Couture - Hera

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Hera, the goddess of women and marriage, inspire this new gown from Fellini Couture.
Elegant and sexy at the same time, this special gown is amazing in all its parts. Sculpted flowers and peacock feathers decorates and follows the woman body with a sensual line. The corset and the hat complete this amazing ensamble of fairness.
Hera dress will be relased very soon in Fellini Couture store, so keep informed and don't miss the opportunity to become a real goddess.

Hair: fri. - Jules - Browns

Jewels: Alienbear's (Mayur Necklace (Black))

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Greta (Black Patent) - BOX

Skin: *REDGRAVE* [BUNDLE] Cacao skin --Zuri--

Pose: Manifeste

LeeZu! Desert Jeans

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Is time for a new release in LeeZu! store! Casual and really stylish, here's Desert Jeans!
This amazing new release is available in 3 different colors and it's unisex, so boys and girls you can get yours!
For a casual and simple style but always in LeeZu! rules!

The Rebirth of REDGRAVE

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I know that you will scream "OMG" and you have all the right to do it 'cause REDGRAVE is come back more stronger than ever!
Emilia and her stuff released a new skin line named -ZURI- and it's so lovely.
The details of this skin will let you speachless, if you look it closer you will see freckless and pores that give a realistic touch to this amazing new line.
Zuri is avaiable in two different tone skin : Tan and Cacao.
Inside the folder you will find a huge selection of lipsticks and make up and the hairbase option.
What else can I say? Simply the best!

Bliss Couture - Amara

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Today I would like to present you a brand that I think represents in the best way the haute couture in Secon Life: Bliss Couture.
This brand have a huge selection of great dresses , from the formal to the casual, always with that touch of class that gives to you the sensation of being always a little princess.
In the picture that I'm showing you I'm wearing one of Bliss Couture lastest creation, Amara. It's a formal and really elegant dress, avaiable in different tones of color. The sleeves and the ruffle skirt give a sense of ethereal movement and you will love it so much as you will love all the Bliss Couture creation!

Dress: Bliss Couture - Amara ( Red )


Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med Line #4

Jewels: Alienbear's Feb10 special discount Magnolia set softgold red

Pose: Manifeste

!VA! Liane

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New release from Vanity Hair! Liane is a gorgeous casual hair style with band that change into several colors.
It's perfect for your casual style and it's so great for this summer season!
As always, you will find this amazing new release in a special color for only 1 l$ in Vanity Hair mainstore :)

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