LeeZu! Five items contest

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What can you do to make a unique look with your own LeeZu wardrobe?

Here's the rules:

1. Use a part or parts of FIVE DIFFERENT LeeZu outfits to come up with something new and exciting. You have to use clothing parts, can be attachments, but lashes, eyes jewelry and shoes don't count.

2. When you have your outfit all put together with a minimum of five different parts, take a snapshot and include it (full perms) in a notecard along with specifics of what you are wearing in the photo. The photo does not have to be professional. A snapshot is all we need. You will not be judged on the photo. Only on the actual outfit. Send your notecard titled 'LeeZu Five Item Contest - Your name" to Barbara Nicholls.

3. Contest runs for ONE WEEK, so get to work! Dates: July 8 - July 15. Grand prize winner will be announced on July 16th.

** Note: In order to receive a prize you MUST be wearing parts from at least FIVE different outfits. If you meet this requirement you may pick one color of any one item listed below.


You get to pose for a photoshoot with a professional photographer, wearing your 'look'. The finished photo will be posted on our blog, and will also be placed prominently in our main store with your name for one week following the end of the contest.

You can have your choice of any FIVE FATPACKS from the LeeZu! Line. You get to choose from the following:

Arabesque Blouse
Araplain Blouse
Boho Bikinis
Brit Pants
Burleske Tights
Cloe Top
Courtisane Lingerie
Femme Desert Jeans
Glitter Pants
Izabelle Blouse
Jeanne Van Dark Blouse
La Goa Necklace Top
Madison Pants
Margo Jacket
Mia Corset Pants
Miss Tate Flexidress
Monroe Lingerie
Nottingham Pants
O'LaLa Micro Jeans Skirts
Oui Oui Shirts
Oxford Dress
Paradii Dress
Robin Jeans
Un Robe Dress
Venus Jackets
Yve Pants

Good Luck!

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