Donna Flora - Rosina and Elvira set

News in Donna Flora Mainstore!
Today I would like to show you one of the lastest creation from Squinternet Larnia, an amazing artist and, in my opinion, the Queen of the Vintage Style!
Rosina is a very interesting dress, vintage and so elegant. The sculpted parts in black lace are incredible and this contrast between leather and lace is fantastic.
You will also find a special Hair piece in the "hair" section created specifically for this dress.

I decided to match this new and fab Elvira set with the Rosina outfit.
Donna Flora's jewels make me really mad, I love them so much!
Her accuracy in details, the extraordinary fantasy that she puts in all her creations, the textures of the gems that are absolutely realistics make that each jewelry becomes a piece of art!
If you look closely to the Elvira set you will see how the small gems are set perfectly.
This set is a masterpiece that you cannot miss.
Visit Donna Flora and be enchanted by her amazing new collection!

Oh.. which skin I'm wearing? you will see very soon ;)
Stay tuned ♥


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