Fellini Couture - Sparkling Diamond gown

Ok, I have to admit it, I'm a Fellini Couture addicted.
I really love her creations from the first time I visited her store and I bought my first dress - Bali - .
Each Fellini dress takes me into a world of pure immagination, Joy has the ability to make me dream every time I wear her gowns.
Maybe is because she's really an artist and the presence of the glow into her creations make them like wrapped in a soft mist.
I've tried the same wonderful feeling when I put on her lastest creation , a dress which is very elegant and extraordinary: Sparkling Diamond gown.
The white gown with a soft touch of glow make it unique and really charming, the hat decorated with flowers and diamonds give a touch of class as all the Fellini dresses.
If you want to feel this incredible dream as me, go and visit Fellini Couture Mainstore and take yours... start your dream and let it become true ♥


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