!VA! Hair Fair

We waited it, and now here it is, the Hair Fair 2010 is open to the public in order to let us speachless with so many differents hair styles, all fabulous!
Today I would like to show you the !VA! creations for the Hair Fair 2010

Phantom of the Opera:
This is one of my favourites! I really love baroque style and this hair style is raffinate and extremely soft as the most beautiful dame.
This hairstyle is full of options for you to play with!!
Infact you can change the color of the decorate hair piece, mask or feather.. just do your combination!
There's up to 8 different colours to play with the hair piece, you just have to touch it to go through, at the end of the colout options the hair peice will go back to it's original texture.

Touch the mask and you will be able to change the texture of it up to 10 different layers to choose from!! At the end of the choices your mask will dissapear, giving you the option to wear the hair without it! You just have to click where the mask is suppose to be to make it appear again!!
The feather is attachable, so you may wear it or not at your convinience! If you decide to wear it, you have to know that by touching it the feather will change it's colour: more than 10 colours to choose from!!!

Up, Up and Away:
This is a great hairstyle, avantgarde and sophisticated, also this with the choise tho change the colors of the hair piece!
If you also buy this masterpiece from !VA! hair you are doing a great charity contribute, infact the 50% of the proceeds go all to charity.
There's nothing better than buying a pair of hair and know that you're helping and contributing to a charity cause.

African Dreams:
Lovely hair for the ones who love black style! I really suggest you this great updo!
It's simple but the effect is so ethinc! Anyone who loves dark chocolate skins, or are just black inside, will love this one! Grab it!

Laguna Bay:
I think that this is one of the sexiest hairstyle made by !VA!
I really love the hair that are made for convering half face 'cause they always give a sense of mistery and are so sexy!
This is certanly one of them!
I feel so sexy in it ;)

Urban Saylorette:
and from the sexiest to the cutiest!
I really like this hairstyle, this warm hat reminds me the windy days of autumn that are coming soon!
You can wear them for everyday style and you will be amazing and so cute!

What elese can I say, for sure to visit the Hair Fair 2010 and grab you preferite one! For an easily access directly to the !VA! booth you can visit the mainstore and grab the LM for it ;)


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