REDGRAVE - Trinity

One day, in the grip of a dark mood, I began a research for a skin that was able to reflects what I felt inside.

I came across the new Redgrave skin, Trinity, and I thought it was just what I was looking for.
I can say that I loved that skin from the first sight and I bought it in the paper tone.
I immediately thought it was really amazing, not only for the excellent work they have done on it, but also for the choise of colors and makeup set that give a highly original and fab contrast to it!

I suddenly thought it would be really cool if the skin was also made in other colors and it seems that my prayers have been answered!

Redgrave has just released two new tones for the Trinity skin: pale and tan.
This skin has no equals, I have to say it, I really love the facial expression and the makeup set is sensational!

In the photos I'm wearing an hairbase purchased separately, which luckily fits the color of the skin, as the new tones are only w/o it ( what a pity ).
But, you will find inside each pack the light and brown eyebrows option that I think is fantastic!

I think there aren't other words to describe this masterpiece, the Trinity skin speacks itself.
Visit REDGRAVE, and grab yours! ♥


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